Friday, April 17, 2015

Ab Fab: Talking MuTu System & Diastasis Recti

I have been a fickle flower about doing my core exercises and other requirements to fix my diastasis recti but starting Monday, April 20 I am getting serious as I joined a Facebook support group thing-y for my exercise program of choice: MuTu System. I need some accountability and daily check-ins will certainly give me that. This is where my rule following ways can be quite helpful.

I have had "MuTu System" and diastasis recti (DR) on my to-blog list for months so today is the day! I want to share what I have learned and experienced so far. This post does contain referral links (i.e. I would earn a small amount if you were to purchase the program through these links) but please know that this info and my experience would have been shared by me even if a referral program did not exist. Thumb promise. (Bella insists thumb promises are more meaningful than pinkie promises because thumbs are bigger.)

To quickly review about this diastasis recti thing I am including the infographic from MuTu System. It's worth a careful read by pretty much all of you because while it's super common for those who have gone through pregnancy it can also happen to those who have never gone through a pregnancy, including men. So Max - you read this, too!

Here is a video that briefly covers the MuTu 12 Week program.

Basically the exercise component of the program entails a 15 minute daily core routine (similar to a physical therapy type workout with both strengthening and stretching exercises), daily walking (30 minutes minimum), and 20 minute intensive workouts that you add in when your DR is healed enough (they start at Week 3 but some might need to wait longer). The 12 Week program also includes information about the food component of the MuTu System.

The biggest thing driving my motivation to buckle down and get serious is that I want to get strong so I can resume a full range of activities - especially heated vinyasa yoga. I miss yoga so much. I have nearly lost the "baby weight" without too much hassle (she says now) (and really it was probably mostly due to having about 12 sinus infections this winter) but I know I am at an all-time low in terms of strength and fitness. That doesn't feel like me and it is messing with my self-esteem and that is not the message I want to send to my kids. For me, MuTu is not about getting great abs back because [modern day notions of] "great abs" are just not in my genetics - EVER! Even in my yesteryear days where I did hours of physical activity every day (dance, rollerblading, walking and aerobic classes & lifting weights at the Y), I still never had any ab muscle peek through. It's not my dealio and will never happen. On the flip side: I will have aggressively muscular calves for life regardless of activity. Again: genetics! I think the whole pre-and-post-baby body image concept was a lot easier on me given that I was never someone who had a naturally muscular mid-section. It was squishy before and it is squishier after and I can generally be fine with that. I also had myself some birthing hips from the age of 16 so not much changed there either. I gain muscle quickly but I will always stay softer and curvier. Plus I will always choose to weigh a few extra pounds over restricting food to weigh less. You will never take away my fun foods and drinks and love of eating out! NEVAH! I do get annoyed at the pseudo-pregnant look I often sport and that is mostly due to my food intolerance issues but I think a weak core is also at play. So there is something of an appearance-driven reason to buckle down with MuTu. It would be great for all my clothes to consistently fit comfortably and to feel more confident about myself. I would love to feel strong. Even the act of regular exercise leads me to feeling more confident - it is often moot about my current weight or shape - it has more to do with my brain registering happy feelings from exercise. Finally, I do fear that I would be at a higher risk for something like pelvic organ prolapse in the future if I don't get my DR fully addressed now. I am REALLY glad I have learned as much as I have about pelvic floors and transverse abdominals while my diastasis recti and associated problems are relatively minor. I have heard of and personally known other women in their 30s who have uterine prolapse. It's not just an old lady problem.

I can state for the record that MuTu works and that it worked specifically for me. I first posted about MuTu eleven months ago and got into a good routine with it and kept it up for several weeks. The initial minor urinary incontinence that I was dealing with post childbirth (snissing, anyone?) stopped very quickly and my ab separation was getting smaller and the midline was getting firmer. Hip hip hooray! But then we were hit with a bunch of sickness and the weather turned colder (effectively stopping my walks) and frankly, I just quit. I put the I in quit, kids.

But it's not all bad because in the meantime I kept up with the active private Facebook group that is just for "MuTu Mamas" and I have learned a ton of useful information. I now understand the physiology of all the abdominal muscles and can visualize how the pelvic floor works and things make so much more sense. I get what muscles I am targeting as I do the exercises. In years past I was often confused by directives for doing kegals or didn't understand why you were supposed to roll to the side before getting up while pregnant - I get it know! And by the way, kegals are just one tiny piece and pelvic floor problems will not be fixed by zoning in on only that type of exercise. I have changed my footwear to be more MuTu friendly and thus better for my alignment and healing. I am more conscious about how I am holding my body and working to undo old-school ballet training of tucking my bum in and sucking in my abs - two things that just further the DR problems. So while I am not thrilled with myself for not making exercise a priority, I am still glad that I was willing to read up and learn a bunch and make minor changes over the past several months.

I would like to touch on the food component of the program. When I upgraded from the Focus program (which is just the core exercises) to the 12 Week Program, I did it for the Intensive workouts and assumed I would ignore the food recommendations. I figured it would be something about restrictive eating or maybe pushing Paleo-type eating or require a lot of measuring or something that was not going to align with my own views on healthy eating. Lo and behold I was wrong to pre-judge the program and the food recommendations are actually just about completely in line with what I would recommend as an ideal diet. This was so refreshing and made me an even bigger fan of the program. Do note that I said their recommendations are close to what I view as an ideal diet - and remember what I said the other day about ideal never being the same as realistic? But even within the food recommendations stay real - wine and chocolate and carbs and fat - these things all fit in a healthy diet. So rest assured that the food advice is solid and sensible. I never in a million years thought I would comfortably put a check mark of approval on the eating recommendations of an exercise program but there it is. However, the former eating disorder dietitian in me must include that if you have a history of disordered eating or an eating disorder I would still encourage you to proceed with caution before adopting a diet that may or may not be quite a bit different from what you are currently eating. It might be worth seeing a dietitian well-versed in eating disorders/disordered eating for dietary advice versus doing it on your own. And while we are on that topic - many eating disorder clinics have outpatient counselors who see people with disordered eating or mild eating disorders - please do not feel like you need to be really struggling before you seek out help. Receiving outpatient treatment early just means things can move quite rapidly with recovery. Many of my former clients fell into the boat of milder eating struggles and I am so glad they were willing to come in to get some help - I really enjoyed working with them! Okay, somewhat random tangent over.

Other good things about MuTu: I can do it anywhere - the gym or at home - and I don't even need my computer (or iPad or iPhone). Once you are used to the exercises you can simply do them wherever and there are cheat sheets you can print off.  If you buy the online version you get all the updates to the program automatically. I already mentioned the Facebook page for MuTu-ers to be able to communicate with each other privately - it's another great resource, though it can be a bit daunting and overwhelming at times.

The final piece of the program that I really appreciate is that the owner and creator, Wendy Powell, has a sense of humor and she has made the MuTu System a holistic program. She isn't afraid to bring up the complex relationship between our brains and our pelvic floors. She addresses the disconnect women might experience after a difficult pregnancy or birth and talks about how to get your "mojo" back. She is motivating and encouraging but still real. Also - she is British which delights me as I studied abroad in London a million years ago and like hearing her accent. Her actual workout videos are watchable and non-grating as she is a soothing and pleasant exercise coach who won't annoy you the way some other exercise video stars might. I won't name names here but I might be referring to an exercise video star whose name rhymes with Pillian :)

It really is a solid, well-researched, and effective program. #FanGirling

If anyone else is currently a MuTu-er, you should let me know! I am also happy to answer any questions you might have for me or I can direct you to some great resources if you do have more questions about MuTu or diastasis recti.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Day in the Life: Spring 2015

I decided to hold off on the full WITL until the summer for a few boring-ish reasons so this is only a DITL. I never got out my big camera. I also never changed out of my exercise clothes (or exercised) or officially got ready or folded those 8 loads of clean laundry or...20 other things. Next time, next time...

Date: Monday, April 12

The peoples:
Max: 41
Laura: 34
Bella: 5
Oliver: 3
Lily: 1

5:10 AM - I hear Lily crying and blearily look at my phone. 5:10! This is AMAZING. She woke at 11:30 PM and then I didn't hear her again until now! This long of a stretch has not happened in months. Maybe we are turning a corner on the really bad sleep drama of the past few months? She has been averaging four wake-ups a night but there have been some very, very bad nights (like hourly wakeups or up for multiple hours in the middle of the night without settling) so we are all due for some good sleep. I have no qualms about doing some gentle sleep training but her gums have been so clearly swollen with four incoming teeth that I have wanted to wait. Also, I am wussy about sleep training and will manage to come up with 30 reasons why it's not the time. Meanwhile I will complain heartily about crap sleep. Max LOVES this about me so much.

5:15 AM - I pick up Lily from the crib and lay with her on the futon bed. She nurses for a couple minutes but then begins squealing and cooing and rolling and she is clearly up for the day after that stellar night of sleep. I roll with it and give up on notions of returning to bed. I am pretty sure this will be the tradeoff for longer stretches of night sleep as my first two were very devoted to 5 AM wake ups at this age.
"Why you flashy-flash me, Mama?"

5:33 AM - Timehop tells me that Bella was up at 5 AM on this day five years ago. Circle of Life! I hold Lily up like Simba for the crowds to admire.

5:40 AM - We head downstairs after a diaper change. I see a light on in the dining room so I assume Max is working at the dining room table. Alas no Max and his car is gone. I text him and he tells me that he left for work around 5 AM. Yuck. At least these crazy early mornings occur far less frequently compared to the the past two years now that his work team isn't so short staffed.

5:50 AM - Pretty sunrise. Love the that the lake has melted and you can see a reflection.

6 AM - Lily and I putz around and play in the living room. She is pretty clingy and whiny since those teeth are still bugging her. She also has crunchy hair from where she dumped prune juice over her head at dinner the night before. We ate dinner later than usual and she was getting overtired so I skipped a quick bath in favor of just getting her to sleep. I was also in favor of giving my ears a rest from the whining. I will give her a bath later this morning.

6:30 AM -  I hear something upstairs and find two sleepy-eyed older kids emerging from Oliver's room. They actually spent the previous night snuggled up in Oliver's bed because there was a scary thunderstorm last night. Max had just headed upstairs to check on them once the thunder started rolling in and before he even got to them he saw/overheard Oliver come to Bella's door, tell her he was scared and ask if he could lay with her. She said "Of course, Bubba! I think the storm is scary, too."  So sweet!! Max moved them to Ollie's bed since Oliver would likely roll out of Bella's bed and they fell asleep quickly and stayed like that all night. We decided to leave them there when we headed to bed ourselves just because it was so darn cute.

Bella tells me now that she and Ollie chatted for a while about freezing powers to stop scary things (see: Elsa of Frozen) and then fell asleep.  Here they are re-enacting how they slept, with a bonus Lily baby.

I feel like Oliver's eyes look the slightest bit pink so I make him look in all directions while I examine them and everyone else - including me - gets the same extra inspection. I even text Max a picture of Oliver's eyes. We are suffering from PT-pinkeye-SD after last summers many bouts. (His eyes clear up over the next hour and nothing develops - it was probably just due to rubbing them?)

6:45 AM - During the pink eye examination Lily starts cruising around and she is so proud of herself for sneaking away into the laundry room.

6:50 AM - Bella picks out an outfit that seems too small given her recent growth spurt but she insists it still fits great - "too big" even! - and I make a mental note to pull it from the available choices after it gets washed. Chances of me forgetting and having this entire moment repeat itself are around 98%.

7 AM - To the kitchen for breakfast! Lily helpfully whines and cries unless I hold her for the entire process. This morning we decide to make smoothies (pineapple, banana, plain yogurt, milk, a little maple syrup) and oatmeal with frozen blueberries, craisins, and a teeny amount of brown sugar and maple syrup. I jokingly offer some chia seeds I had bought with vague intentions of making chia pudding (no IDEAR why I haven't jumped on that!) and the older two express a lot of interest in the chia seeds. They taste them and ask to stir some into their oatmeal. Okay. Well then. I just have coffee with plans to eat later.

Oh - before they sat down Oliver went to get them spoons and he got Bella a big measuring cup and yelled "APRIL FOOLS!" and it was quite adorable.

Oatmeal antics.

7:20 AM - The kids are so physically needy lately and always crawling into our laps or wanting to sit on us during any task or meal. Probably because Lily is being constantly held or in our laps. Aye yi yi. Sibling rivalry is really setting in. I try to allow the extra cuddles but there is SO MUCH TOUCHING these days so sometimes I have to simply declare my lap a no-child zone for a bit.

7:30 AM - Get on my morning tasks and do them all with Lily in my arms because nothing else is acceptable. Bella's lunch: tomato & roasted pepper soup, string cheese, cheddar bunnies, applesauce, and some cucumber & tomato salad.

The daily lunch note (stickers are on the other side). I got the mini index cards off Amazon and they have been quite handy for lunch notes.

Oliver reminds me that I promised him we could make more colored ice cubes for "ice fishing". The weather was super dreary all last week so one day I came up with the idea to stick colored ice cubes in a little water in the bath tub that he could "fish" out with our mini fish net. It was an unexpectedly huge hit with both Bella and Ollie. Anything with food coloring is their favorite.

7:35 AM - Oliver gets his hands on my phone and takes a series of selfies, as is his way.

7:50 AM - Lily is now REALLY ready for her nap and while I don't love having her on a super early schedule, there is no way I can keep her up until 10 AM. So I will let her sneak a nap in now. Summer will be nice for not having to juggle naps so much. It takes 5 minutes flat to get her sleeping.

8 AM - Meds & Vitamins reminder pops up on my phone and the kids recognize the sound and clamor for their favorite gummie vitamins. I also open up the bottle of strawberry-flavored DHA - a.k.a. cod liver oil I got from Amazon that I am trying out in lieu of the omega-3 chewables they are used to. I give them each 1/2 tsp and they are horrified by the taste and the greasy feel. They insist I try it and it's only fair that I do: OMG. God awful. I resign myself to a couple months of forcing it down since I can't rightfully expect the kids to take it. (But then the kids beg for it again the next morning so I guess they like it??)

8:05 AM - This is one of my only chances during the day to shower so I take advantage of it. After the shower I grab a towel off a hook for my hair and then reflect that a kids hooded chicken towel is in need of documenting. I won't have chicken towels in my hair forever.

His and hers toothpaste.
Max has grown just a wee bit weary of livin' la vida vinegar and all-natural everything. He put his foot down on the Tom's toothpaste.

8:20 AM - I get dressed in exercise clothes because I plan to take a walk with Lily during Ollie's preschool time. I throw my wet hair up in a claw clip which is very 1995 of me. I feel frumpy and fug and intend to get fully ready later so I can show you all my now-red hair.

8:25 AM - Go to check on the big kids and I am so proud of how good they have been! They have entertained themselves quietly this whole time by coloring and drawing. Bella has been working on her journal and writing about the past weekend - the big news was that she got a new bigger bike sans training wheels!
I reward each kid with four marbles for their marble jar (old glass spice jars). A full marble jar = picking a (smallish) toy or a family/parent date somewhere.

8:30 AM - Time to wake the baby. Somehow this is a group thing where they invade the crib like zombies. Super safe. Lily thinks it is great fun and laughs and laughs.

I dress Lily in an all white outfit due to a laundry situation. She looks like she is headed to a party at P Diddy's. A blue hoodie hand-me-down from Oliver helps tone that look down.

8:40 AM - Endure the daily drama that is 3 kids in 5-point car seats. Child #2 flops about as though boneless. Mama #1 is unamused. Finally get all buckled (Bella does it herself) and off we go to drop off B.

9:05 AM - Have a little time to kill so I decide to grab an Americano for myself (5 AM babies=all things can be justified). Wait in a very slow moving line and check my texts and see that Max has texted to say he will have an hour to kill in a near-ish suburb. I quickly decide to meet him since I don't have any firm plans. I decide to skip the coffee now and just have it later - plus this line is going nowhere and I don't want to be late bringing Oliver to school. I pull over to the right to the lane to drive out and am met with this parked delivery truck with its blinkers on. No way to get around it. Okay then.
I remain stuck in line for an additional 7 minutes.WOMP WOMP.

9:15 AM - Drop Ollie and muse that the the whole preschool drop-off and pick-up seems so much easier now than it did two years ago when Bella was 3 and Oliver was 1. Maybe it's because my perspective has changed? Or maybe the lighter baby + less chatty toddler makes it easier?

9:30 AM - Get to Methodist hospital where I am meeting Max and I realize I am still sporting the wet hair in a claw clip with workout clothes and crocs plus I have a baby with prune juice hair. Whoops. I am here to represent the uncoiffed citizens of America.

Max is at the hospital because he is getting some scans done on his parathyroid glands. The bad news is that he has a mass on one of them and that will need to be surgically removed. The good news is that once it is removed he might feel a ton better and have a lot more energy.

Since I used to work at Methodist and I had all my midwife appointments there plus all three babies were born there, I am very familiar with it. I can never pass up a chance to eat at The Muffin Man. I am hoping they have something with eggs since I am starving and haven't had breakfast. I impulsively order a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich which is kinda dumb since I'm not supposed to have bread or cheese if I want to manage the ol' IBS situation. Meh. I have very little tolerance for following low FODMAP while out and about. Maybe with time. I make a mental note to keep things a little tighter at home the rest of the day to balance it out. I also get a small iced Americano with one pump of vanilla - current 'fun' drink of choice.

9:45 AM - We eat in a courtyard and Lily has a lot of fun cruising around all the patio chairs and coming back for bites of our sandwiches.
After eating we wander around for a bit.

11 AM - Max heads back for a second scan and Lily and I go to Trader Joes. While I am there I take a picture of their "Find Wally, Get a Lolly" sign. Basically if you can find the small stuffed walleye hidden somewhere in the store, you can get a lollipop at the checkout. How cute for kids, right?
Except, I gotta bone to pick with you, TJs. WHY OH WHY are you guys truly hiding Wally? I am actively trying to look for Wally (while managing children and getting groceries) and I can never find him and we end up looping around the store again and asking for help and he will be tucked back among random crackers and JAYSUS. Help a mother out, here! Make Wally obvious. I beg of you. I have started avoiding going to Trader Joe's unless I am sans kids or only have Lily in tow because it has gotten so annoying. Perhaps my Wally-finding skills will improve with sleep. Perhaps not.

At Trader Joes no fewer than 12 people comment on Lily's hair. I tell one lady that she actually has prune juice in her hair and that all gets very awkward very quickly and I decide to not mention the prune juice part again. Maybe people will think I use product on her hair at the ripe old age of 12 months?

11:30 AM - As I leave Trader Joes I decide once again to forgive them their misguided Wally-hiding ways as they are so very sweet to my children and also their wine is cheap.

11:35 AM - Back to preschool to get Oliver and then home.

11:45 AM - Ollie asks for "snacky" lunch and I love snacky lunch because it's easy peasy. Lily isn't such a fan of snacky lunch but THEMS THE BREAKS, BABY! I am not hungry after the big breakfast sandwich so I figure I can eat while Lily is napping.

Blackberries, cheese, salami, cucumbers & tomatoes, graham cracker.

Here is the full TJ haul. I get to Trader Joe's every 2-3 weeks so I stock up on some things that are way more expensive elsewhere (like organic peppers or Udi's GF rice bread).

12:25 AM - Here is Lily telling me via frantic "all done!" signing that she hates snacky lunch and why must I be so cruel as to not feed her a hot meal as is her preference!?
Lolz at her Kanye outfit.

Anyway, I get her out of her high chair and try the trick of putting her food on a chair seat while she stands next to it. She takes a few more bites but is pretty much done.

1 PM - It's very much Lily's naptime again so I whisk her away and while I love her a bazillion I am VERY HAPPY YES INDEED for a break.

1:15 PM - I need to sleep as I feel broken so I set up Oliver next to me in bed with the iPad, set my phone alarm for 45 minutes and crash. I have learned to put him next to me or otherwise he will attempt to watch movies and things that are a little too scary for him. Also, I miss having Toonses with me at rest time so it's nice to still have a buddy to cuddle.

2 PM - Timer goes off and we go downstairs. I check on the ice cubes and they are frozen enough for Oliver to do some fishing. I give him half of the stash and save the rest for Bella to have later. I also refill the trays with water to make a second batch.

Um. Perhaps I should have used less gel food coloring, eh?

2:25 PM - Bubs and I make up some new vinegar spray and then I send him outside to give the high chair a good spraying & scrub down. He has always loved helping me clean.

While he is on the porch I sweep the kitchen and hand scrub the floor in the spots where Lily has tossed food off her high chair. I also tackle the sticky spot leftover from the prune juice dumping last night.

2:45 PM - I plug in the steam mop to get the floors cleaned the rest of the way and of course Lily chooses that moment to wake up.

Oliver scrambles up the stairs to get her. He loves waking her up so much and even asks to wake her early. Maybe it's just because he wants to climb in the crib.
I bring her down and quickly mop with her in my arms.

2:55 PM - I make Lily do her daily "physical therapy" which is me trying to get her to learn to crawl. I am hoping this will also lead to her learning to pull up on things. She cries as though in pain almost when she is put into a crawl position and I am trying to figure out if she is just stubborn or if something more might be going on - like a developmental thing or maybe a hip problem?

Interestingly she crawls without a problem if I add jellybean incentives...
I just started doing this forced crawling practice a couple days ago as I try to determine if I need to make an appointment to have the pediatrician take a look at her hips to rule out possible dysplasia (we have a family history) or maybe give us a referral to get it looked at. Plus I can't recall at all when/if she had her hips checked at her other appointments so I just want to be reassured. I go back and forth 10 times a day about whether I am over or under thinking it.

3:15 PM - Crawl practice time is over (because Lily says so) and we start to get ready to meet the bus. Oliver randomly asks me to cheer him up. I start to do a silly dance and sing a made up song about cheering him up and he gives me a look and then says, "No. Like you cheered Lily up." OHHHHH! He wants to cheer like I was just cheering for Lily as she crawled. Ha! Now I got it. So I change to saying "Yay! Go Ollie!"

As we get our shoes and jackets on I cringe at the sight of my mudroom which has once again gone and exploded. The transition between winter, rainy spring and hot spring all in the same week and even sometimes the same day has meant that all of the everything is everywhere.
And then I remember that I used to only have a tiny closetless stairway landing as an entry/mudroom and this mudroom mess is A-OK!

We have a little time to play outside...

Oliver does some poses for me. He is really into me taking pictures of these moves. Cracks me up.

The he takes some photos of me while riding in the stroller with Lily.

Oh look! I dyed my hair red!

Oh look! I dyed my hand red, too! Medium embarrassing.

Using the stroller just how BOB intended us to.

3:40 PM - Beyba is off the bus! She is so happy and excited about the warm weather. 

We do a little playtime in our front yard with bikes and trikes and chalk and I give the kids a small snack of an applesauce. It is not clear if Max will have a late day at work (super horribly long day for him) so I decide to just plan as if he won't be home until past bedtime for my own sanity. The kids are acting crazy and famished so I decide we will eat dinner early and then go to the park.  I haven't eaten more than some snack lunch leftovers so I am starving at this point. It's nice out so I also decide we should eat outside.

4:30 PM - Get the food prepped (reheated chicken chili soup and fresh cut fruit & veggies) while Lily fusses at my feet. I give her the bottle of prune juice + miralax that she gets each day and she manages to get it all over the freshly mopped floor but it takes me awhile to notice and by then there is a big patch of sticky floor in the kitchen and THIS IS WHY I DON'T LIKE TO CLEAN.

I get us set up to eat outside. How idyllic!
Except in reality everyone is so very crabby and whiny and won't stay in their seats and the wind starts blowing and someone leaves to go to the bathroom and the other older kid follows them inside and I give up and bring all of us inside. Lily also won't stop shouting or refusing food so she ends up on my lap.

The kids finally do settle down and start eating and they want to play our latest game of "Take a Bite, Name an Item that is Color X". Basically I pick a color and they have to take a bite of food before getting to name something that is the chosen color. Why this is so motivating is beyond me but I will take it!

5 PM - To the park! I am hoping this resets all the grumpy moods that are happening. So sunny!

And while the fresh air is nice, it's not a good park visit. Lots of whining continues but the worst part is when Bella asks to join in on a hide and seek game that a grandpa is playing with his two grandsons on the main playground structure and the grandpa says yes and then he just lets her hide WITHOUT FINDING HER. Like he found his two grandsons (aged 2 and 5-ish) and then left Bella in her hiding place in a tunnel slide. I watched the whole thing go down and while I don't think Grandpa is out to play mean girl to 5 year olds I just found the whole thing hurtful. He didn't need to say yes in the first place if he preferred to just keep it a game with his grandkids. Bella shrugged it off quickly; I was left bothered for hours. I hope she maintains that kind of resilience for life. Maybe it's okay for her to learn some of those lessons since she is so very social and not everyone is going to want to play with her. I don't know. Yuck. I don't like thinking about it.

5:45 PM - I tell the kids we need to leave because I absolutely have to give Baby Prune Juice Head a bath tonight since it hasn't happened all day and she needs to be in her crib by 6:30 PM at the very latest or there will be hell to pay. More whining and fussing ensues - it has been a long day for all of us. I end up half carrying Oliver with Lily tucked under my other arm as we walk to the van. I see that Max has texted to say he is on his way home - hooray!

6 PM - I finally give Lily a proper un-prune-juicing while the older two spend time with Max. She loves baths so much and squeals when she knows she will get one. She is also now taking baths with her siblings regularly which is so so cute. It's also quite overwhelming to me to see that much spawn in the tub at once.

6:15 PM - Nursing time. 

She sees Max and reaches for him.
I love little naked babies in just a diaper.

Some stories with Max and then kisses from all. Her current favorite book is Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton.

6:30 PM - Mama does the last piece of the routine because she will FREAK OUT when any one else tries and so of course this is the self-perpetuating cycle that never ends. ARG. Babies. Me. Anyway. She is cute. And frustrating.

6:50 PM - Get downstairs and Bella and Ollie are giggling and then jump out and yell "April Fools!" The joke is they are both in Oliver's pjs :)

6:55 PM - Bella gets her turn ice fishing...

7:10 PM - Then she wants to show me some more arts & crafts she recently made.This is a creative little paper handbag for me with paper items inside like a wallet, mints, kleenex and wipes. I love it.

7:30 PM It's my turn to put Bubs to bed.

7:45 PM - And then FINALLY done o'clock. Also wine o'clock and leftover chocolate cake from Lily's bday o'clock.
I write up a quick blog post to fulfill my daily blogging requirements.

8:30 PM - And Mondays mean Mad Men time! I will be very sad when this series is all done.
Loving the wardrobes for the women this seasons but the men look hideous. Roger's mustache!! Ha.

9:30 PM - Bedtime. Hoooooly crappers I am tired.

10:30 PM - Lily starts crying.

Hoping that the next DITL/WITL brings a much more rested version of me :)