Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer 2014 Day in the Life Heads Up!

I will be doing my quarterly Day in the Life post this weekend and it will be posted early next week.

If any other blogger wants to play along, all you need to do is pick one day to document & post between now and Sunday, August 3. Email me the link at navigatingthemothership @ gmail.com by Monday, August 4 and I will put together a round-up post on Wednesday, August 6 with links to all of the Day in the Life posts.

I may decide to do my full week-in-the-life this summer rather than waiting until the fall (I skipped my usual spring week for baby/reality-there-of reasons) but I need to do one day and decide after that if I can actually take that on at this point :)

The Usual Fine Print
  • Pick a day between now and Sunday, August 3 and take pictures all the live-long day. You might want to keep notes of what goes down so you don't forget later on when typing up the post. I often will take pictures that I know I won't use, but will serve as a reminder of what was happening.
  • Make sure to include pictures of YOU during the day. The kids are callin' em selfies these days. And don't forget to include pictures of the mundane - your make-up on the bathroom counter, the messy office desk, your lunch, what you bought at Target, a note your spouse scribbled for you. That's part of what makes it so interesting.
  • It's up to you how detail-oriented you want to be. I go detailed, but there is no need for you to do the same. 
  • This is not just for the mommy blogger set. I actually prefer it to be a mix of people in all different sorts of lives. And please, please, please play along if you live outside the US & Canada! I heart you, foreigners.

Even if you aren't a blogger, I would encourage you to try this out some time. The little details of life sometimes prove the most interesting as the years pass and this type of exercise allows us to capture those small quirks of life that get lost with the passage of time. When I look back on my past day in the life posts, there are many, many times where I think, "I totally forgot about that!" especially when it comes to the kids. To keep it really simple maybe you could do it entirely on your cell phone. Okay, Mothership's push to have you document your life is done now. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fitness Mondays

I'm sorry that this is all I consistently blog about these days. BORING. Hopefully more interesting things to come soon as I get things figured out with leaving Lily (who continues to be wishy-washy about taking bottles). In the meantime, fitness posts it is!

How I did last week:

Fitness Goals:
  • Daily MuTu Core workouts 5/7
  • Daily walks 6/7 (average of 30 minutes)
Dietary Goals:
  • Track eating  4/7
  • Gluten & Dairy free except for dinner (ideally some full GF/DF days) 0/7
  •  3 L water/day 1/7 (more of 1.5 L/day)
Life Goal
  • 5 AM wake-ups for a few days 0/7

My motivation remained low all week, which: sigh. Maybe it will pick back up, maybe not. One positive is that I actually followed through very nicely with my fitness goals, which it didn't feel like until I added it all up. I was down on myself for only walking 15 minutes some days, but my daily average remained high enough. As long as I can get a longer walk in on my two babysitter mornings each week I should do okay to hit a 30 min/day average.

Eating however, womp womp. I just...I don't care. I mean, I care that I feel sub-par with eating gluten and dairy and too many sweets and indulging in a daily wine o'clock, but really? Don't care. The tracking piece is good for me, though, as it's making me pay a little more attention or at least be more mindful. I need to work on my food choices for sure, but for right now I'm going to not get too up in arms about it. I will just keep plugging away at making positive changes. In the meantime I will take the GF/DF goal away while still trying to maintain a more GF/DF lifestyle. Hopefully taking away that goal will also let me focus on my 3L water/day goal (and calms my inner rebel). Trying to keep things simple in hopes of being more successful...

For my life goal  - an utter fail! Ha. I did set my alarm and even included a peppy "Yay! Me Time! Get up!" but then I left my ringer on silent so I never heard it go off on the first day. And the following days I didn't bother because I am enjoying getting to sleep in until 6:30 just far too much. Per usual, I'm half forgiving of myself and can rationalize why it's just fine to let this goal go (Lily might switch to being a 5 AM waker soon enough- take advantage while you can! You still get up at night - you need the extra sleep!) and I'm half annoyed that I can't just buck up. I'm especially annoyed when each morning starts out with a bang and everyone needs something right that second and I've yet to have any coffee. Anyway, my need to get up early to workout is now not necessary because I rejoined the gym and have gone several days and it has been WONDERFUL. Getting that workout in while the kids are occupied and having fun (or sleeping in a swing) is just very, very awesome and it puts me in a good mood. So (for now) no need to wake at 5 AM after all!

Next week:

Fitness Goals:
  • Daily Mutu Core workouts
  • Daily walk (30 min average)
Dietary Goals:
  • Track eating
  •  3 L water/day
  • Limit coffee to one/day (my gut yells when I have 2)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fitness Mondays

This is a week to get back on track. Goals will be as follows:

Fitness Goals:
  • Daily MuTu Core workouts
  • Daily walks
Dietary Goals:
  • Track eating (which influences me to make better choices)
  • Gluten & Dairy free except for dinner (ideally some full GF/DF days)
  •  3 L water/day

I am feeling like my diastasis recti is worse after dealing with the stomach bug. Sit-ups and planks and all sorts of things like that are contra-indicated for D.R. so a couple nights of forceful ab contractions where my muscles were pushed OUT was less than ideal. Oh well. Will just pick up where I left off and see how it goes.

I would also like to share that I was doing quite well with balanced eating prior to getting sick/going on vacation so I'm confident I can return to that.

However, motivation for all this is low low low. I simply need to get back on the horse and the motivation will come with the routine of it, but blah. I am also thinking more about how I want to get everything done, or at least get things done in a peaceful way without kids jumping on me. I joked yesterday that there is no way I will get up at 5 AM to exercise and such, but as I thought more about that I am realizing that truly might be what I need to do to feel more functional. I need to try it and see if it's even possible - I suspect Lily might wake up if I try to sneak away from her. So that's my last goal - I will wake up at 5 AM Tues - Friday and see what that does for me. This also means going to bed right at 9 PM which is not a huge problem for me, although Lily has been staying up from 7:30-9:30 PM every night (NO ADULT TIME EEEEEEEEEE!!!!) so we shall see how this plays out!

Life Goal
  • 5 AM wake-ups for a few days to make life run more smoothly

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bullet Point Sunday

  •  I'm having a moment! A baby-sleeping, glass-of-wine-enjoying, big-kids-and-husband-picking-up-dinner, able-to-take-a-moment-to-blog, loving-the-summer-breezy-weather moment! OOH-WEEE, it's a good moment.
  • I'm concerned about making sure I get enough of these moments, because Ms. Dream Baby has one glaring non-dream-baby problem: she won't take bottle. Oh, I will take a sleeping baby with bottle problems any day, but I am also fearing for my ability to step away or have a proper date night or anything for the next, oh, 6-8-10 months. I will happily accept advice on this front from anyone who has been in this position. Notable information: she is not a pacifier girl in spite of moderate attempts on my part, I have been somewhat lazy about offering bottles but overall she has been like "NOPE!" all along (except for one bottle she took from my SIL so I will be maybe forcing my SIL to come over and work her magic again), I have tried 5 different bottles/nipples - all result in Lily sort of gumming the bottle and maybe getting 1/2 an ounce max. Since logic tells me that she would have to eventually take a bottle in the event I could not breastfeed her I am thinking this problem is fixable, but yeah. Again - I will take your tips and tricks and advice!
  • We went on vacation and it was...vacation with a wee baby and a family who recently spent several days puking. Which is to say...um...a little challenging. I really hate to be a debbie downer about it, but it was not what I was hoping for and perhaps that was my problem. I had expectations which is not a good idea when it comes to young children. Now, we did have some nice moments and I am very excited about renting this "cabin" (read: enormous house) again, perhaps in the fall. We got it through VRBO and it was such a good deal. There were a lot of good things about the trip - Lily didn't change her sleep habits (an unprecedented thing with our babies on vacation...but I also bedshare with Lily, which is also unprecedented when it comes to our babies), I packed exactly right in terms of food/meals (I delight in that from a Type-A and dietitian standpoint), and we had some nice family moments. Oh, but if only we hadn't been in the super crabby phase of illness-recovery it would have been glorious. Oh well, life happens. I did have one nice half hour where I played on my computer and made this little video if you are interested :)
  • I think I am just now mentally recovering from the whole Norwalk virus thing. Vomit phobias are no joke and I am annoyed at myself for (still) having a phobia after all these years, but what can you do? I pondered if maybe I should seek out therapy for it or get fast-acting anti-anxiety medication to take in case of future emergencies/vomits, but...meh. In the moment I do deal with it appropriately. I can handle it. Sometimes life feels super uncomfortable and you just want to hit fast forward and that's that. My zen self tells me that it's maybe an okay and important thing to sit through the very short-term gross as I will arrive on the other side more appreciative of our health. I can very rationally explain to myself why a short-term Norwalk virus is NBD in the grand scheme of things but the id part of my brain is in full out panic. I don't know. There is no lovely resolving to this bullet point so let's move on!
  • I am starting to get twitchy about not getting things done around the house. I think I did a really good thing for myself in terms of setting myself up to have nothing beyond basic life things to accomplish with the arrival of baby, but now that a few months have gone by I am getting more and more aware of allll the things I am not tackling. Realistically, I know that I'm still a couple years from being someone who can regularly and predictably accomplish tasks beyond the most basic have-to-dos, which: ouch. Anyway, nothing to do/change (besides make myself wake up each morning at 5 or something and NOPE!) but that feeling is there.
  • How about I end with vacay photos? I have a free Shutterfuly book for some random reason, so I will make one up for this vacation and I know the kids will eat that up. Summer is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Lightening & Mater at an auto dealer along I-94: HUGE hit :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

(Not So) Fitness Monday

Just a very, very quick post to say that I'm taking a week off from goal setting and fitness related delights as my whole family is recovering from a multi-day Norwalk virus. IT. WAS. TERRIBLE. We are still weak and feeble and I haven't really moved past the Gatorade and saltine stage yet.

But I am down 8 pounds? (Not how I wanted that to happen.)

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice week and high fives to all those continuing their fitness pursuits.

The Mothership

Monday, June 30, 2014

Lily 2 Months

Dear Lily,

Here you are at 2 months, which was a month ago now.

I looked to find the 'official' photo and it appears one failed photoshoot was all I did.

The fact that I plum forgot to try again and didn't carefully put it on a to do list (that I would have ignored anyway) is very third baby of me.

But while I might not be as on top of your official pictures and can't quickly tell someone exactly how old you are, you are still a very, VERY adored and celebrated - and well documented - little lady.

Some quick bullet points:
  • Stats - Weight: 12 lb, 4 oz (75th percentile), height: a likely inaccurate 22 inches (29th percentile), and head: 16 inches (98th percentile). The head size doesn't surprise us at all given your sibling's huge heads :)
  • You are simply gorgeous with long, full eyelashes (that suddenly appeared) framing your big blue eyes and you have an exceptional head of hair. Once the weather got warmer and more humid your hair became so curly. We get so many comments and compliments on that hair.
  • You seem more aware and are getting very expressive. The way you coo at us in conversation - oh, it's melts our heart.
  • You enjoy your baths and are so very cute during them.
  • You sleep so very well, even through the night. Like THE WHOLE NIGHT: 9 PM - 5 AM. And you have done that more than once. I don't think either of your siblings got to that point until after their first birthdays and then it was a rare thing. On the other days you woke maybe once to eat, but fall back to sleep quickly after nursing.
Lily, I'm going to bust out of the bullet points to elaborate on this sleeping thing. Having a newborn who sleeps so well (far beyond my wildest expectations) is just wonderful. An absolute gift and one I marvel at every. single. day. I do not take it for granted and I can only hope you also have babies who sleep like you. But I'm also glad that this happened with you, with baby #3, than with Bella or Oliver. Oh sure, having all three of you sleep like dream babies would have been fantastic, but the truth of the matter is that if my first baby had been a stellar sleeper I would have (1) had no idea just how big of a gift a sleepy baby can be and (2) not been able to enjoy it as much because I would have found 30 other first-time-mom things to worry about. Anyway, baby girl, I am so thankful that you are a good sleeper, which in turn allows me to feel rested and functional.

So you sleep like a dream and then when you wake up you are this smiley and delightful little creature. So adorable and sweet. You make us want more babies, which was not something I would have seen coming. Heck, you have me all moony about the newborn stage while I'm living it: also something I didn't think was possible for me. (See previous paragraph re: sleep for an explanation of that thought.) It's so lovely to be able to actively enjoy the baby stage without the painful haze of sleep deprivation hanging over me.

For posterity I should note that while you are an 'easy' baby, you are still a baby and you have your moments and days.
But keeping you close to me in a Moby wrap seems to be enough to keep you happy and because the sleeping-baby thing is still so new and novel for me, I tend to forget all your tough moments right after they happen and assume you are the easiest baby ever.

Oh - and your siblings remain so very much in love with you. You are the first thing they ask about and want to see each morning and they have shown no signs of resenting your addition into our lives. They are only happy about you joining our family, which is another thing I'm deeply thankful for.

(Two year olds aren't known for their subtle or gentle ways.)
Your brother and sister have even come up with their own little song to soothe you. To the tune of Lullaby, it goes "Lilian, you are fine." and then that line repeats about 20 times :)

We are so very, very lucky to have you in our lives.