Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ask a Husband

It's high time for another guest post from Husband, don't you think? To nudge him along, I'm going to need some help from you all. I want you to submit questions for Husband to answer.

So what do you want to know? The sky is the limit, really.

For those of you who haven't met Husband in real life, you should know that he doesn't really know the difference between regular old information and T.M.I. It's funny at times and horrifying at others (like in front of my parents, good god, I have to suppress the urge to crawl under the dinner table at least once a parental visit). So you should realize I'm really throwing caution to the wind when I ask you to submit questions.

Feeling shy? Ask anonymously!

WOOOO! Should be fun.


  1. I want to know husbands thoughts on breastfeeding - Has it been easy for him to support you? What has been the most challenging part? The weirdest part? What advise/warnings would he give other husbands whose wives are planning to breastfeed?

  2. How does husband balance work with being a good family man? Does he feel extra pressure to work more to support a family on one income? You both are very blessed to be in a position where you can be a full time mom. Can you share some tips on how you guys manage it (savings tips, ways to supplement income, etc)?

  3. How does Husband feel about having another one? Is he on board with having #2 in the near future? How has fatherhood compared with his expectations of it?

  4. I'm wondering if he can explain the difference between labor contractions and diarrhea cramps? :)

  5. Does he get asked often to do his 'Popeye' face? (reference pic #2 in this post)

    Also, how did he deal with the mood swings and general changes that you were going through during the pregnancy? (You may have had a post regarding this, but I do not recall.)


  6. How did Husband 'know' he was ready for a baby. Did he ever know? What's his opinion on why guys (ie: my husband) is having such a hard time taking this giant step in life? That is all.

  7. What do you do to make sure you have time for you and laura?? Do you have date nights and how often?

    Have you felt neglected since the baby came? I ask because I know I show my husband much less attention since our DD has been here!!

    What can I do to make sure I balance time for my DH and DD...

    What is your favorite part of being a dad?

    How do u feel about diaper changes now that she is eating solids? My DH has actually thrown up from one LOL....

    FUN POST!!

  8. Yay - thanks for all the questions. I'll put Husband right to work.

    And Kayt - Bwahahahahhaha.

  9. Wait!! I have a late submission -- After reading Laura's blog for about a month now, i really don't know what could fall into the "TMI" category for her. Could you please provide some examples of your TMI sharing that have embarassed her?