Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Current Digs: Part 2

Welcome back for the second half of the tour of the Mothership. Should you have missed the first half, have no fear: it's all found here. (I rhyme! Like fancy gangsta rapper! Incidentally, I am wearing them baggy sweatpants and the Reebox with the flaps.)

Landing #2 & Upstairs Hallway
Left picture shows the landing just up the half flight of stairs from the living room, middle picture is the stairs to the upstairs and right picture is the upstairs hallway. If you are a fussypants sort that likes to be oriented, then I will tell you that the landing is directly above our entryway that was described in the last post. Also for you orienteer types: that hallway leads to our upstairs bathroom and both bedrooms.

Please don't think I'm being decorative with that guitar on the landing. It was more of a self-preservation move when Bella became obsessed with playing with it and wanting me to play it all the time. While I can do some wicked recorder and kazoo playing (in addition to piano, a bit of flute, and some viola), I am lacking in the guitar skillz.

Pros: I guess I'm pro stairs. (You: as opposed to ladders? Wha?)
Cons: No electrical outlets on that landing so we can't do much in terms of making that space "liveable", although we have a dream of adding built-in bookshelves and a cozy chair up there someday.

Upstairs Bathroom
This is one room we did paint, but only because it was lime green EVERYWHERE (walls and ceiling) and it made us look really sickly when we were getting ready in the morning. Husband said the picture on the upper right is gross as it's a picture of the toilet. Whatevs, I took it because I like our shower curtain. It also gives you a second chance to really take in our toilet sprayer. We have a toilet sprayer because we really like the refreshing feeling of a cold spritz of water on our hindquarters. FALSE! It's there for spraying the cloth diapers as explained in this post. Now remember that, please. TOILET SPRAYER FOR BABY PURPOSES AND NOT FOR CREEPY BOTTOM HYGIENE PURPOSES.

Pros: Functional
Cons: Forced to perform oral hygiene in close proximity to mate which leads to marital strife (i.e. no double sink), tub is uncomfortable

The most decorated room in the house, but it's still only halfway there. We never got around to painting the walls and thus the room is a sea of beige - beige carpet, beige walls, beige chair, and beige futon cover. Also, I don't like having the futon in there, but there is no where else for it to go. Too-small-house woes, yo.

Pros: Functional room, lots of windows
Cons: None besides the fact that we would love hardwood throughout

Master Bedroom
This room is really our work in progress. It used to be two separate rooms - a regular small bedroom with a closet and then a small mini room without a closet. We walled off the closet space in the bedroom and that will someday be incorporated into the bathroom (someday = 2040 or something at this point). Then we took down the wall between the two rooms and made the bedroom into one big space. Finally we made a hodge-podge closet along the back wall that will someday be made into a proper big closet. I actually really like this room despite it being unfinished.

Pros: Big, lots of light, cross-breeze from the windows, downtown view in fall/winter when trees are bare
Cons: Unable to keep windows open at night due to train noises, unfinished, treadmill has to live here for lack of space elsewhere, would prefer hardwood in the bedroom

Landing #3
Left picture is stairs leading up to the office, middle is our home office, right is the stairs to the roof-top deck.

Pros: It's nice to be able to put an entire home office on a stair landing
Cons: Not temperature controlled very well (too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter) making the space uncomfortable much of the time, a bit awkward at parties to have guests see your home office on the way to the roof-top deck

Roof-top Deck
The picture on the bottom right is actually my neighbor's deck just to give you an example of what you could do with it and the other three pictures are our space. This was another selling point for this house for me. Unfortunately, we haven't used it as much as we planned to initially and we haven't been up there at all the past couple summers. It's full of potential, but we are somewhat limited with the ability to have plants on our deck as we have no water source up there (it was an option during the building process and our unit sadly opted out). We could get a hose up there, but it would hang down the front of our house and it just seems like a pain. Another problem is that grills aren't allowed on the deck, making it not very functional for grilling out. Our view from there is generally tree-tops, other roof-top decks in our complex, and the posh condos across the way. One cool thing that some neighbors have done with their decks is put a hot tub up there. Fancy, no?

Pros: Great space for entertaining, downtown city view in the fall/winter, pleasant for eating and lounging
Cons: Too cold to appreciate city view in fall/winter, aforementioned lack of water access on roof and inability to have a grill up there, a lot of work to bring food & drinks up and down 35 stairs

And so ends our tour of the Mothership! Now when you are reading my blog you can picture where I live in too great of detail. There wasn't a place to say this specifically, but one thing that is kind of a downer about this house is the stairs. There are so many - 47 to be exact - and when you realize you forgot something upstairs just as you are getting in your car? Well, you have a mini workout in front of you. Of course, there are good points to lots of stairs. Like the fact that our bums lifted up an inch or two a couple months after moving in. There are stair climbers at the gym for a reason, people. Another big part of our current home is the wonderful and fabulous neighborhood, but that is going to be a post for the future as I'll need to go around and take pictures of my hood.

Next up for the house hunting posts: Our Dream Home.


  1. I love this series. It's so fun to see how other people live!!

  2. so fun! i, too, love to see how other peeps live.

    jealous of all that LIGHT, man. and there's something so homey/cozy about a townhouse layout. we're in a bungalow right now, and while i enjoy it -- i miss multiple floors and sleeping upstairs, etc.

    you've inspired me to purch-ase a sprayer thingie. so sick of the toilet swish sway thing i got goin right now.

  3. I hear you with the too-small-house woes. I am working on post of my new home wish list, too! Actually, it's done, but I'm afraid to post it for fear that our house will never sell. You are a lucky duck not to have to worry about selling right now.

  4. I love love LOVE that headboard and footboard in your room. Actually I think that I just love your room. May have to do with all the windows. Mine only has a door to the deck facing north, soooo no light in my room, booo. I also think that its too cute that Bella is in all the sets of pics, like she is the one giving the tour, LOL, so sweet.

  5. That is a lot of stairs for you guys!!

    I love the roofdeck. You could put plants out there and have a watering can that you bring outside instead of trying to manuever a hose.

  6. guys have a lot of landings! LOL! I totally understand your love/hate relationship with stairs. Before moving into our current home last August, we lived in a 3rd floor walk up in Boston, which had two levels in our actual condo as well. It certainly keeps you fit! And perks like a roof deck and great views while living in the city sort of require that there be a lot of stairs too!

  7. Bluejeanamy - I will warn you - the toilet sprayer has a steep learning curve. That thing is tricky and it wasn't until I accepted the fact that I will have to still plunge the diaper into the water/get my hands a bit gross that I was able to stop from spraying a fine mist of poop onto the floor. Plus, all the fruits & vegetables I've been feeding Bella this summer has meant that we are back to a looser poop. I miss the solid peel-off-and-plop-it-in poops of the lower-fiber spring (And now everyone is gagging. YOUR WELCOME!)

    Telega Woman - We are definitely lucky to be flexible with not having to sell. We are going to try to coordinate selling a rental property or two when we buy our new place, but who knows how that will go. I'm just glad we don't HAVE to sell this place. Finder a renter, though, who is willing to pay enough to cover our mortgage and HOA might be tricky, though. We'll see! Good luck to you now that your house is on the market!

    Stephanie - the furniture set is Stanley furniture, I can't remember the specific name. Let me know if you want me to find out! It was the first furniture we bought as a couple. Aw....

    KT - This is true. It's laziness that stops us as it would only require us lugging a watering can up two shorter flights of stairs, which isn't too bad. We always have big dreams...Maybe when we return here as retirees!

    Mama Tully - You are so right. There would be no roof top deck w/o the stairs! Plus, it will be so sad to see our bums droop down and inch or two once we move. Haha!

  8. Awesome! Thanks! Its kinda similar to my head and footboard actually the closer that I look at it, but your headboard is taller. My hubby built ours, so maybe I can get him to raise it a bit, and stain it a little darker...but if not, I am totally looking yours up LOL.