Monday, December 20, 2010

Bumpdate: 12 Weeks

Due Date: July 2, 2011. 28 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: No change in the past few weeks and still down a few lbs. Ambitious candy/cookies/dessert-eating started this week so weight gain will begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, NOW!

The morning sickness has mellowed to the point where all those traditional remedies actually help (but I won't touch ginger with a 10-foot pole since it reminds me of being super nauseous). Still not done puking, though. Another epic event yesterday of heavy-duty dry heaving that culminated with peeing myself (am I alone in this? anyone else a pee-when-puking-preggy?). There's the other usual symptoms - fatigue, the ability to smell EVERYTHING, and being oh-so-emotional about really dumb things (uh...Nicole Richie & Joel Madden's wedding pictures causing tears? RE-HE-HE-HEALLY?)

What's different this time: Sleeping on my stomach and back is already getting uncomfortable, which is weeks earlier than last time. Stomach because of the old uterus and back because I can't breathe normally.

Cravings: Coke Zero. Mostly for the bad-ass thrill, I think.

Aversions: Keeps getting better. I'm forcing down veggies pretty regularly, but they all taste like old, dead leaves. Which....I suppose lettuce-in-a-bag actually is.

Sleep: Not as great this week due to some wake-ups from Bella and I've also been going to bed later at 10-10:30 pm (we were devouring Mad Men Season 4), which means I don't get more than 7 hours. Not enough for me.

I am loving: Christmas almost being here.

I miss: Cooking & being a foodie.

I am looking forward to: Getting into the actual bump stage so I don't feel so awkward in my clothes (regular clothes are fitting weird and my maternity clothes are way too big since I weighed more last time). I could pick up some maternity clothes in a smaller size, but since those would only fit for a few weeks I don't know if it makes sense. And the Bella band does not work when you are up and down off the floor with a toddler all day long. Meh. Feel kind of ugs.

I'm spazzing about: Not getting the NT scan this week. I had to cancel because Bella is sick and I don't want to be spreading her germs to a baby-sitter (plus Husband could not cancel a work meeting in order to be with her). I had mixed feelings about getting the scan in the first place and only went for it for the ultrasound, which isn't really appropriate. However, the midwife oddly encouraged it - probably because they don't do more than the one ultrasound during your whole pregnancy at my clinic. Anyway, I now have to wait until February to see the baby, but I'll get to hear the heartbeat on doppler later next week. I'm just a little sad not to get that reassuring confirmation of seeing the baby.

Best moment this week: Watching a whole season of Mad Men.

Milestones: I'm at 12 weeks! Almost to the safe(r) zone and a land free of dry heaving.

Movement: I continue to feel something and I'm just going to go ahead and call it movement...except I'm not sure.

It's a...: Baby! I'll let you know in Feb.

Exercise: One prenatal yoga class and that's it. Sigh. I'm frustrated with myself & my lack of energy, which is probably partially related to NOT exercising. I was afraid of this happening. I was exercising very regularly prior to getting pregnant, including running a few times a week. But morning sickness and fatigue got in the way and now that the sun goes down at 4:30, I've lost my mojo. The only practical time for exercise is Bella's naptime, and I find myself napping/relaxing during that time these days. Can't decide if I should cut myself a break for another couple weeks or buck up and get disciplined about exercising during naptime. Any ideas for me?

Diet: A lot better, but room for improvement. Chances are that as all the veggies get re-introduced, so will all the sweets. C'est la vie!

Goals for the upcoming week: Exercise 3 times for at least 30 minutes. And actually DO IT.

Belly Shot:


  1. Regarding the working out, I was pretty much an exercise dud until about 13-14 weeks, and then my energy came back and I got back into it. I would just cut yourself some slack--you will enjoy it again and feel up to it soon. Sleep is too precious to skip! And you are still pretty active with a toddler anyway.

  2. I'm happy that the morning sickness seems to be easing up on you (knock on wood). I just cant imagine what that is like, nor do I want to. Mine is starting to get worse unfortunately so I keep having nightmares that it gets worse till the baby is born. Hopefully you can get your exercising in this week, at least a little, but you are chasing a toddler around, and for me that would be plenty enough exercise. ;)

  3. Can you believe you're already almost in the second trimester! Wahoo! You look great, and I am so excited to see you all become a family of four. :)

  4. I totally had a veggie aversion in the beginning too, which is weird because I usually love them. I was so sad to miss out on a lot of our garden produce...

    I used that bella band a lot too, and it does get to be a hassle.

    BUT, I got the best leggings EVER at motherhood maternity last week. I want to wear them constantly, they do have the belly panel, but it's SO lightweight, others I've tried have felt too tight. They're the basic M.M. brand, $20, the sales girl recommended them. Absolutely perfect fabric, could wear out with a dress, or just with a long sweater and winter boots.

  5. omygosh, life is starting to get good again when dessert rules your brainwaves. yes!

    okay you're TOTES starting to get a bump now. you look great!!