Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Letters to Oliver - Months 18 & 19

Dear Oliver,

You are now 19 months. I confess to never taking an 18-month picture because between a cold-of-doom, puking bug, and then a sinus-infection-cold hybrid, we weren't keeping on top of much besides survival. But you were cute and looked a lot like you do in that picture above, just with slightly shorter hair. Can you picture it? Good.

Big events over the past two months included the holidays and getting to see family. It was a little lackluster with all the illness, but you managed to still very much enjoy yourself and it was fun for us grown-ups to see how happy you and your sister were with the celebrations.

Pushing cousin Vivi around "Grandma" Jan's house

You had your 18-month check up and you are 27 lbs (65th percentile), 34.5 inches (96th percentile) and your head is in the 99th percentile. The pediatrician noted that you haven't gained much weight, just got taller and leaner, and said it was something we should keep an eye on. However, she doesn't watch you eat enormous amounts of food at meals or move around all other words, Mama is not concerned. Bubs, I should note that your head is so big that sometimes we struggle to even get it through 3T shirts. Ha! One of the delights about you, little guy, is that you are completely unaware of your big size and you still act like a baby on the regular with frequent nursing and cuddling and snuggling so deeply into us when you are tired.

I felt like you were such a big boy at this moment as I watched you chase after your sister at the zoo.
You had your shots at your last pediatrician appointment and you made sure to point out your bandaids and tell daddy, "Ouch!" later that day.

You are sitting pretty at 16 teeth so there has been no teething to mess around with these past couple months. Score! Unfortunately, sickness replaced teething drama and you were sick much more often than healthy. Oh, I wish I was kidding. It varied in severity - sometimes just mild cold symptoms, but sometimes you were quite ill. Just last week you began your first course of antibiotics when you were diagnosed with a double ear infection along with the flu. POOR BUBBY!

But you are doing great now and we have our boy back to his regular state of happy. A huge relief.

You remain very much into everything. If it can be dumped or spilled or removed or tipped will do it and do it happily! Conveniently, however, I can usually intervene because now you announce your intention with words. Here is a picture of you after I took away your high chair tray after you announced, "DUMP!" and "THROW!"
Haaaaaa! Oh, Bubby, your grump face just slays me with it's cuteness.

So, yes, you are definitely communicating with words. I thought you had around 15-20, but when I started to write it out, I discovered it was more like 75. In no particular order, may I present the list that I hastily started writing out over a couple days:
Mama, Dada, Bella, Papa, kitty (khee), dog, woof, moo, meow, baa, la la la (what you like to pretend sheep say), neigh, up, ow, nonono, bowl, cup, bottle, diaper, cracker (crah-kah!), apple (Aaaaaaah and then a whispered pah), chocolate (cha-klat for all desserts/sweets), chair, bath, duck, quack, ball, throw, dump, shirt, pants, socks, shoe, bra, hat, show, hot, trash, car, juice, book, cheek, massage, eye, ear, teeth, more, hi, bye-bye, me, what dat? (his first word!), two (with two fingers held up, one on each hand), bubble, backpack, brrrrr (when it's cold), wow (one of my favorites because then I know just what is amazing to you), flower, tree, cheers!, ick, yuck (ick & yuck come with a special flicking hand gesturing to whatever is icky or yucky - VERY funny), eat, puppy, mitten, water, coat, kiss, bib, jump, boom, bib, beep, shower, straw, boat, sauce (applesauce), house, medicine ("meh"),  food (only in reference to cat food), girl, sister
You also have several signs in your repertoire and do the occasional two-word sentence. One day you were looking at a sign language book we had and you were doing the signs and saying the words on several of the pages. It was pretty exciting for me to watch you "read" out loud.

You are 100% a mama's boy. You can be quite clingy, especially while ill or over-tired, but even on regular days you don't like it when I leave or if you are taken from me. But it only takes a few minutes to get over the sads about being sans mama and then you are happy to be with Daddy (or Auntie or Grandma or a babysitter) and can forget about me. But I hear reports of you occasionally stopping in your play to ask, "Mama?", so that is quite sweet.
Mamaaaaa! Pick me up! It's so sad to be so far from you here on the ground!
You continue to develop your sense of humor and you often do things to make us laugh.

Your relationship with Bella continues to evolve. As you begin to truly play more together, you also end up fighting more. Sometimes she instigates it, sometimes you do. But then there are some purely sweet moments to counter the less-than-pleasant ones. You will spontaneous grab her to hug her or she will do something to help care for you, like get you a snack or help you with your clothes. Much heart warming ensues for the parental figures, I tell ya. And I know that she really enjoys having you around because when I offer to take you out of the bathtub after you do something naughty (such as hair pulling), she usually opts to keep you in with her so you guys can keep on playing together.

Tasting the hot "Cha-klat!" we made after some outside time

I feel like our relationship as a mother and her son is just so darn special. Of course there have been millions of moms and their adored sons before us (and we sing in grateful chorus), but we are tight, you and me. I didn't know what it would be like to have a son and frankly, I was scared to mother a boy. Really nervous. I thought I wouldn't feel as close to a boy as I would to a girl. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with you.

And maybe when you are 12 years old (or 21 or 8...or just about any future age, really) I won't know what to do with you, but for now I don't think twice. You are just you and I'm just your mama and there is an ease to it all. There is simply love and a whole lot of laughter.

I find myself missing you while you nap and hoping you will wake up soon and (sometimes) not even minding the 5:30 AM wake-ups. Because you are so cute right now. So curious and inquisitive and learning by the minute. You must pick up at least 5 words a day and gain an understanding of so much more than that. It's another dynamic time (although...hasn't everything up to this point been dynamic?) but this is a growth that is particularly wondrous. We are talking to each other, Bubs. You are telling me things and I can tell you things and you can do silly things to make me laugh and vice versa. It's a really happy time and you are a really happy kid.

Love you so much,


  1. I just love these little glimpses into my future!!!! It's silly to think how freaked I was about having a boy, and you're right - it's just such an easy and amazing relationship. I love it so much.

    I'm glad to know that Luke has already perfected the grabbing the legs and screaming face, and he'll get so much more practice with that as he gets older... delightful.

    Love seeing that photo of the 2 of you smiling!! Hope everyone remains healthy for a long time! (Or at least until tomorrow so I can see you)

  2. The pictures... oh they are so cute! I just love his little smiling face! Like Erin, I love seeing this glimpse into my future. I concur with feeling scared about mothering a boy and now realizing just how silly that was because it comes so natural and I love it so much! Hope to see you tomorrow!

  3. What a sweet letter and what a fun age!!

  4. That is a seriously seriously cute kid.

  5. Oh he is just the cutest. And being a boy mama is wonderful, I agree.

    I love seeing the glimpses of the new furniture/decor you are slowly acquiring. Can't WAIT for the House Tour Part Deux!!! (Hint hint hint hint.) ;)

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