Friday, March 8, 2013

Letters to Oliver: 20 Months

Firsty first:

Congrats to Ally for winning the Book Giveaway. 
She chose Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which was an excellent choice. Happy reading!

And now the real post:

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Dear Oliver,

You are now 20 months.

Here is the official "sitting down" picture.

You are 30 pounds or so and continue to grow at what feels like an astonishing rate. Every few weeks you seem to have gained another half inch when we measure you on the wall. And then your sister cries because she hasn't grown that much herself. Not sure how to break it to her that you will likely surpass her in height in another year or so. And it's not just height, you have put on the pounds these past couple months. I think you are making up for lost time after being pretty sick with colds and flues and whatnot most of the winter. Just today you ate nearly an entire kids bowl of mac & cheese from Panera (plus the yogurt and chocolate milk) at lunch. I don't know why these things keep surprising me, but they do. Where do you put it all?

You are also still nursing. If you had your way you would nurse 6 times a day, but I try to keep it to just a few times each day.  I'm thinking you will end up nursing until your second birthday, possibly longer.

The biggest change around these parts this past month is that you now nap only once a day. Of course, this is on the far end of the spectrum and it meant you were a double napper for months longer than some kiddos. I'm fully in support of you continuing this trend and being a once-a-day napper until kindergarten. Nap transition has been quite easy and you do everything just like the  parenting books say you should do when it comes to napping. I so appreciate this about you.

One thing that is not new is that you spent at least half of the past month under the weather. Luckily it wasn't anything too terrible, although you did have a borderline ear infection a couple weeks ago. We chose not to medicate and it seems to have passed on it's own. Now you have another cold. It's maddening that you have been sick so often, but hopefully we will be done with cold and flu season very soon.

You continue to be into everything (EVERYTHING!) and are a small tornado that surrounds whatever path I take. Getting myself ready in the morning means simultaneous pulling of make-up out of the trash can, pulling you out of the jacuzzi tub (the climbing, Oliver! SO MUCH CLIMBING!), and stopping you from flushing the toilet 30 times in a row. Life is busy with you by my side and I rarely attempt anything productive until it's your naptime. Also: we will not attempt any more dinners at real restaurants as a family until you are two or so. Mama and Papa get indigestion trying to shove in food while keeping a handle on you.

I left you for more than a quick overnight for the first time when your daddy and I went on a short two-night trip up North. Since returning you have decided that perhaps I should never leave your side ever again. Actually, no, it's not so bad. You let me leave you for a bit at the gym, but if you had your way I would do all naptimes and bedtimes and would not take breaks from parenting on the weekends. You LOVE LOVE LOVE your Mama. This is exasperating at times, but I can also see how it will break my heart even more someday when you go through the anti-Mama phases of life. I don't want to get complacent about how special it can be when a baby is so attached and admiring and in love. This kind of simple and intense and uncomplicated love is a true gift of parenting.

You are becoming quite social and say hi to most strangers. You can also be quite the entertainer at times and as exhausting as it can be to drag you along to Bella's dance class, I kind of get a kick out of your antics.

In a classic boy move, you are very drawn to cars and playing ball. But given the fact that you have an older sister, you also enjoy a tutu moment here and there. You also love books, especially the one with pictures of kids from all over the world, and bubbles are a guaranteed hit. Oh - and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer is great fun, too.

 You continue to gain words every day. You become frustrated when you can't say everything you want to say, which can lead to some mighty tantrums, but soon enough you'll be able to articulate your every desire. You call yourself "Aye-ah" (Ollie) which is adorable. You often talk to yourself and name the whole family over and over again. It's very sweet when we hear you quietly doing this.

Finally, you take your shoes and socks off on nearly every car ride. So if we go four places in an hour while running errands, I get to further my shoe-putting-on skills four times in a row. May your child do the same for you someday. It's character building.




  1. Grace never leaves her shoes or socks on! Your son and my daughter actually sound very similar in character!

  2. Grace never leaves her shoes or socks on! Your son and my daughter actually sound very similar in character!

  3. Oh these letters really are a glimpse into my future, as I do see so many similarities between Luke and Oliver! The climbing! The getting into everything! The very very intense mama love that I DO so love but is also quite draining. Annie went through that phase of taking off her shoes every single car ride too... hope Luke misses that one but I doubt it.

  4. Seriously, that kid of yours is adorable. I feel his little spirit shining through in every photograph!

    Also: the shoes and socks thing...arg. Chloe plays 'sock hands' every single time we get in the car.

  5. Do you remember if Bella loved nursing so much? Adrian is CAH-RAZY about nursing, in a way that I don't remember Olivia ever being. Is it a boy thing?

  6. I love your letters and I love how positive your breastfeeding experience has been considering all the struggles that you had to go through.

  7. Not sure why - probably because PB is just 4 months younger than Oliver, but the bit about him quietly repeating the name of everyone in the family to himself brought me to tears. What a sweet thing to do.

    Also, I've never even tried applying makeup when PB's in the same room with me. I can only imagine how that would pan out. You're brave, lady!

  8. Oh, and yes - even if we're in the car for 7 minutes, I'm accustomed to the rrrrip! of the velcro and then maniacal laughter from the back seat as the shoes get tossed aside. Wouldn't bother me if it wasn't fuh-reezing outside!

  9. He is SO BIG and I love that he is nursing so well. And he seems like such a little character. Love him.

  10. someone should really invent toddler-proof shoes that they cannot take off themselves. my daughter does not do it every car trip, not even close. she waits until i am super stressed, and in a HUUUUGE hurry to get somewhere, and also does it in a sneaky way so that I do not realize until I am rushing to get us out of the car, hence catching me off guard. then 5 minutes of searching for socks and shoes ensues. good times. but man oh MAN is that Oliver of yours HANDSOME. jeez


    Wow, I guess I'm not over it yet. ;)

    Such a handsome boy, love his lopsided grin.