Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Closest I'll Ever Get to Hollywood

Since you people are my people and we tend to be interested in the same things and whatnot, I have something I just had to share with you this evening.

I will say it in two words:

Veronica Mars

Oh, be still my quirky-tv-series-loving heart. Any of you love it like I loved it? I first started watching the series in the winter of 2007 and yes, I can indeed pinpoint that exact moment in time because it was just that excellent of a show. (Other top five contenders for me: Gilmore Girls, Felicity, Friday Night Lights...) Yes, the first season of Veronica Mars was the strongest and things got weird at the end due to the abrupt cancellation, but it was all good. It was just really, really good. The superb writing and excellent actors (who you could tell actually enjoyed working with each other) came together into something magical.

Also: Schmidt was in it! Remember that?

Anyway, here is what I had to share: there is a chance to have Veronica Mars back and in a quality and closure-giving way. A movie! A Veronica Mars movie. And it's being sponsored by us, the fans of Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars fans all over the world are fronting the money for this movie through the use of Kickstarter. I think this is all so genius. In the very first day of this campaign it has earned nearly 2 million dollars, which was the minimum goal to meet in 30 DAYS. Happy to say I donated a few lattes worth to the fund.

Anyway, wanted to let you guys know, too, in case you also wanted to get in on the ground floor. Here's the website where you can donate easy peasy via Amazon.

PS - Should we talk about my conflicted feelings for one Logan Echolls?  Such an ass! And dreamy! But why?

PPS - I know right off the top of my head that Logan Echoll's real name is Jason Dohring and that's maybe not right considering I'm in my thirties, married, etc. (Oh, but it's so right. So very right. MEOW!)

PPPS - What are these latent feelings for Dick happening after watching that little video above? What will it all mean for my movie going experience?


  1. They did it! I can't believe they raised the money so quickly, too. I hemmed and hawed over which level to contribute at because I want to own the movie, but I also don't have a lot of extra cash (went with the $35). Could you imagine having a walk-on role??

    Anyway - YAY! Also, I love GG, Felicity & FNL too. TV is awesome.

    (Haven't seen you on Twitter lately...)

    1. I have a bad habit of using Twitter only to bitch or complain so I have been steering clear of it for the most part. Plus it's a big time suck and I have been better about staying on top of house chores. Helps that I deleted it off my phone, too! I'm sure I'll get back into it again :)

  2. This makes me sooooooooo happy. I was giddy yesterday following along on Twitter to the Kickstarter happenings. :)

  3. Oh and yes, Logan Echolls. Rawrrr.

  4. I loved that show! I also had an obsession with FNL and Riggins may be my dream man!!! I was so mad when Veronica Mars ended! I think it was something about Logans eyes that gave him the appeal!

  5. I donated too. Anything to see the Veronica/Logan chemistry in action again. I figure, as long as it involves neither Mexico nor a baby, the movie should be great! And given my enjoyment of all of the other shows on your list, looks like I need to give FNL a try.