Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

Due Date: March 27, 2014. 7-9 weeks to go.

Weight Gain: 35 lbs. A 4 lb weight jump that puts me exactly where I was with my pregnancy with Oliver.

Symptoms: Pretty rough week between a mix of pregnancy symptoms and a bad cold. I also overdid it with a shopping trip to Target (yes, somehow that is possible when you get this far along) and paid for it with a lot of various aches and pains for the next two days. Also: vulver varicosities in full force. Google it, if you dare.

What's different this time: I'm actually quite free of the body image/weight gain struggles I had with the first two. I have zero surprise about the fact that I have put on 35 pounds at 33 weeks. The high weight gain was going to happen no matter what I did with my eating (pretty sure I've eaten the least of all three pregnancies). I also anticipate a slower weight loss in the postpartum period (due to a mix of older age and a lack of time to devote to exercise) and I accept that. But I also know I'll get back to my baseline and be a fit person again.

I'm thankful for: Baby being safely tucked inside as we deal with some bad winter illnesses (Bella has croup).

Cravings/Aversions: My cold is affecting my already dulled appetite so food was kind of a PITA this week. But at the same time I do give a lot of thought to donuts (but it's too cold to bother doing anything about it).

Sleep: Pretty bad between pregnancy insomnia and restless nights with sick kids, plus my own cold symptoms have been keeping me up. Could really use some solid sleep, preferably a few nights of it. Unlike my other pregnancies, napping doesn't happen too often.

I miss: It not hurting when I go outside.

I am looking forward to:  Just really starting to look forward to starting the next chapter as a family of 3. Also: everyone getting well again so we can resume preschool and other activities. Cabin fever is pretty awful right now.

Best moment this week:  Honestly was a pooper of a week, but I was glad to only have one scary night with Bella and now she just has a bad cold/cough. Also glad Oliver remains well.

I'm stressing about: Quite a few things, most have been mentioned in previous weeks. Trying not to be a stressball as much as I can.

Milestones: Took the wedding rings off.

Movement: Yes and I feel it in all quadrants at the same time. Baby is getting mighty mighty.

It's a...: Surprise. But I still think girl.
Exercise: Nope, although my daily routine remains fairly active (mostly in dealing with Oliver). This pregnancy is my least active for sure.

Diet: My fatigue has me making more hodge podge meals than not. I need to get some serious grocery shopping done and also get some freezer meals prepped but zzzzzzzzz.

Weekly Goal: Never got around to my goals from last week but I did pick up a few more baby items (Moby wrap via Craigslist, breast pump, a few items) and went to the dentist. I'm going to give myself a pass from specific goals for this week since I'm still quite sick (and experience tells me that I still have several days to go, such is the way with pregnancy colds). I'll use this week to catch up on the laundry mountain and house cleaning that has been quite neglected.

Belly Pic:


  1. Oh my goodness...I just googled, and I am pretty sure I have vuvar varicosities too! The pain...ugh. Well, anyway, crazy that you are at 33 weeks! I hope Bella feels better very soon, and you as well!

  2. Love the 13 v. 33 week comparison shot. Pregnancy is so freaking amazing.

    Sorry you guys have been sick, especially miss Bella. Not fun at all and man this winter is just brutal. I admire your ability to be very chill about body image issues this time around. I need to be inspired by this because I'm just entering the phase of a huge appetite and body changes that feel a little scary, but it IS nice to know this is all temporary. Also you look great, so there is that.

    Keep hanging in there and get as much rest as possible!!

  3. Sweet Dreams - Oh I'm sorry. I just got an Rx for a special support thing to help with the pain. It's hilariously hideous but maybe that's an idea for you? I'm thinking I'll write a post about these supports because LOLOLOL. Link: But if you have that feeling like you want to hold your crotch in pain and/or ice it, then YUP probably darn VV.

    Julia - I'm pretty chill about body image in general because I consciously put a ton of effort into that after I started working in eating disorders in my 20s. I figured if I was going to be a role model of having good body self-image then I needed to really believe in it! So I did a lot of self-affirmations and deliberately chose to focus on my favorite features and also images that supported a healthy body image (so quit memberships to Fitness magazine and the like and also became extremely conscious of the amount of photoshopping that goes into magazine images). But I was also someone who had never really struggled much with weight beyond 10 lbs gained/lost here and there so I was pretty floored to be someone who gained SO MUCH during pregnancy. The dietitian rule-follower was absolutely not following rules!! I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or just total overeating in pregnancy and then it happened again with Oliver in spite of higher exercise and different eating habits. I was once again bummed because I was still under the impression that I had a bunch of control over the situation. So this time it's really nice to be like "Ah! This will simply happen and there isn't a ton I can do with exercise or eating to affect it." Also helps to know I lost the weight without tons of effort both times so I know it can and will happen again. And I'm also back to being really focused on seeing the parts of my body I like. I gain quite a bit in my thighs and bum while pregnant (which is interestingly quite related to storing omega-3 fats for breastfeeding - my thighs and butt also get thinner than usual - eventually - while b-feeding!) so I don't look at them in the mirror or bath or while changing while pregnant. Doesn't help. I focus on my big belly because I like that. Same with focusing on the parts of me that I like and trying to ignore the rest. My current struggle is that I have pregnant nose (i.e. my nose gets big and puffy at the end of preg) and that is one area that BUGS me. So I'm trying not to look too much at it and play up my eyes. Stuff like that :) So I say if you are hungry eat and (try to) feel good about it. This is maybe your last time getting to have a big round baby-filled belly! Embrace, embrace! :) The trick with self-talk is to talk to yourself like you'd talk to a friend even if you don't believe it at first. Eventually your brain gets convinced it's the truth. (Hoping this all comes across helpfully and not sanctimoniously!!!)

  4. Woah! I had never heard of VV, but the crotch-pain I've been experiencing the last couple of weeks makes me wonder if that's what I'm dealing with, too. I don't remember dealing with this the last time around.

    I am selfishly hoping you write a post about that thing! Also, less-selfishly hoping it helps you feel better.