Friday, February 14, 2014

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

Due Date: March 27, 2014. 6-8 weeks to go.

Weight Gain: 38 lbs. So 7 lbs in two weeks. Ok, now maybe I am starting to feel a little bugged about weight gain because REALLY 7 lbs in two weeks when I have still been gaining nearly all other weeks in the second and third trimester? Sigh. Might break through the 44 lb gain of Oliver, though doubt I will get to 53 lbs gained with Bella. 47. That will be my guess. (And I am not really swollen or medically concerned about this jump, though will obviously mention it to midwives if another 3+ gain happens next week.)

Symptoms: Another rough week but again it's hard to sort out pregnancy symptoms from general life stuff. One notable symptom is that I'm SO TIRED. Like want to lay down on the (unswept, unmopped) floor and take a rest tired. But I suspect I'd be tired like that even without being a gestation sensation because I am coming off a week of being nearly completely housebound with two sicks kids (and a sick me) with little outside help (bad timing of husband working around the clock for his quarterly report thingy and not wanting the babysitter being exposed to our germs and having to skip preschool/activities). So I'm a little (a lot) Mama-ed out right now. On the plus side, my VV problems are quite good since we have been home so much. And doubley plus side - Bella is back to preschool today and doesn't have to miss her Valentine's Day party!

What's different this time: Nothing comes to mind this week.

I'm thankful for: Oliver never developing croup (just a bad cough/cold), Husband's busy work time ending pretty much today, and once again glad baby was tucked inside for this round of germs.

Cravings/Aversions: I still think about donuts a lot and even picked some up at Target but they were the grossest and I had to toss them...and I'm generally not one to toss baked goods. I also did some nice work with a box of V-day chocolates...that I bought myself :) No aversions (yay!)

Sleep: Actually not so bad and have managed to stay mostly asleep past few nights, so I don't know why I still feel so very pooped out. Probably because it's not the most quality sleep since I'm so big and awkward shaped. And do not hate me, fellow pregnant ladies, but I manage to avoid needing to pee more than once most nights. Somehow I go about 5 times in the hour before sleep and then can hold off until 6 AM.

I miss: Stomach sleeping.

I am looking forward to: Temps in the 20s and 30s are coming up!! This is huge! I will also get a break + a V-day date when the babysitter comes tomorrow.

Best moment this week:  There was a really sweet moment between the kids that happened when they didn't know I was watching. Oliver was crying about something (oh the emotions this past week while they were under the weather!) and Bella put her arm around him and was quietly comforting him and it was just super touching to my mama heart.

I'm stressing about: Same old, same old: concerns about how labor/delivery/childcare for the older two will play out and concerns about April/May/early June with a newborn + regular life + husband working more than usual. I try to stop that line of thinking and just remind myself that we can drive to the hospital with the kids if things are going super fast (and let husband deal with the kids from there while I go birth baby) and that life will simply work out one way or another once baby arrives. Yes some things might be harder (hello, newborn on the outside versus on the inside!) but some will be easier (sleep may be less but will be of a higher quality and I won't have the physical restrictions of pregnancy to slow me down). So basically there is just a lot of my brain taking off on a crazy train and then me (or, uh, my brain once again) just stopping that line of thinking with a reality check. The unknown aspect of WHEN birth will happen is a doozy, isn't it?

Milestones: Can't think of one but I am marveling that 35/35 is coming up! (35 weeks of pregnancy and 35 days left.)

Movement: Yup. I don't like it when baby takes longer naps because it worries me a bit not to feel him/her for a stretch, but most days contain plenty of movement to keep me reassured.

It's a...: Surprise. I dreamed it was a girl. Bella thinks girl. Oliver thinks boy. I think Husband is leaning towards thinking it's a boy, too. I watched a random-to-me person's sex/"gender" reveal video and I got so teary and thought about how exciting that is...then I remembered that uh, I'm basically about to experience the same thing for myself! Ha! I do wonder if the moment of learning it's a boy or a girl will be just one more piece of info in the excitement of the birth? No regrets about not finding out early, however. This was our last chance to do it the old-fashioned way so I'm glad we are trying it out.
Exercise: No. I need to pick it back up and I'm thinking it will be easier to deal with going to the gym now that the weather isn't so painfully and horribly cold. Or rather, the weather will soon be not be so painfully and horribly cold. I just want to hibernate from everything: gym, grocery stores, outings when there are negative one million degree wind chills.

Diet: Actually have been doing really well with cooking dinners and such - helps that I finally restocked our groceries on Monday (see above about avoiding places when it is super cold).

Weekly Goal: I did get some catch-up housework done last week (that was my goal) but I'm still feeling a little behind since my energy is so low. Oh - and I completed my birth plan so that was good. I think for this week I want to again focus on regular-life catch up and it would be lovely if Husband and I could devote some weekend time to tasks that I can't do myself (like attaching shelves to walls in the basement and installing a closet in the nursery).

Belly Pic:
Realized what a major part of my problem was with recent silhouette pictures - there hasn't been much sun! Duh....

And then my first born wandered by so I included him, too.
 Haaaaaahahahaha. Wanted to put this on Facebook but thought better of it :)


  1. Regardless of the weight gain, I still think you look quite small! Glad issues with the VV are under control - for the time being anyway :)
    I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on waiting until the baby is born to find out the sex as well. If you recall, we didn't find out the sex with our 2nd. EVERYONE I know who waits to find out always says that they think it is so exciting to wait and that moment of "It's a girl" or "it's a boy" is the greatest moment ever, etc… But I found that I was just soooo excited to have the baby OUT and healthy that finding out it's sex wasn't even on my mind - it was sort of just secondary. They could have said "It's a bunny!" and I would have been ecstatic, haha! I find that the moments just after delivery are sooooo amazingly euphoric anyway. I also feel like finding out earlier made the pregnancy go by faster for me.

  2. I, too, am eager to hear your thoughts about the experience of waiting to find out the gender. I have two kids and didn't find out either time. The first time was thrilling but I agree that just having the baby was the most exciting part and, of course, I would have been happy either way so preference didn't play much of a role. The second time---I am not going to lie--- I was hoping for the opposite gender and felt that if I found out in an ultrasound it might be anticlimactic. To be clear, I would have ultimately been fine with whatever, but I never wanted to risk having any feelings of disappointment that would make me feel guilty for having a preference. The way I figured it, in the moment of birth I wouldn't care either way because all the love hormones and the thrill of a healthy baby would overcome any feelings to the contrary. In the end, I got my gender preference and it was a very thrilling and I was grateful for the wonderful surprise...especially because I had convinced myself I was having the same gender again, probably in some kind of subconscious way to manage my expectations. Now I have considered having a 3rd baby someday (looking forward to reading about your adventures having 3 kids!!!) and I am not sure if I would find out or opt for another surprise. I really enjoyed my surprise babies but I also can see how knowing can be so practical. I guess none of this applies to you since you already have one of each but I am nevertheless excited to hear how your experience of that reveal moment goes!

    As to your anxiety about planning what to do with your older kids in the event of a precipitous birth...I share this anxiety because my 2nd labor was 2 hours start to finish and we barely made it to the hospital. From what I have been told, 3rd births can be kind of wild cards. They can be fast if previous births have been, but they can also stall out or not follow a typical pattern. I say this to hopefully calm your fears by reminding you that it doesn't necessarily mean that each subsequent birth necessarily gets faster and faster. That said, I share your logistical concerns about the older ones and I hope you can work out some options to make you feel more secure going into it. Neighbors? A doula? A relative to come and stay for the week leading up to the birth?

    Finally, I wanted to share this amazing story I read about an accidental homebirth. Scary indeed, yet also a happy outcome, so it demonstrates that even a worst case scenario might not be too horrific!

  3. Mama T - I don't want to say finding out the sex of the baby will be anti-climatic, but it will be just one more thing in such a big moment that I wonder if it won't stand out? Especially since I anticipate a fast birth so I feel like about 8 hours after the birth I'll be all "OMG! It's a ....!" I get the idea baby #4 is getting to be more and more of a reality for you... :)

    Miss Amanda Jones - From a practical standpoint as someone who gave away all the clothes under 18 months...I could really have used knowing if it's a boy or girl to help with getting all the clothes re-acquired :) I'm having my sister send me a box with a mix of newborn to 3 months clothes and then we'll go from there. But as a planner it is a bit buggy! Yeah, I'm working with a half-formed plan that involves neighbors and then my mom (who is local, but doesn't feel she will necessarily be able to arrive for a few hours) can take over. My SIL (also local) also a potential option but her schedule tends to be challenging. Anyway, it will come together. I would be a bad candidate for a homebirth given my hemorrhage problems, although we could call the ambulence and they sometimes carry pitocin so maybe I can keep that in mind? Gah! Don't want to think about it all that much!

  4. You certainly don't look like you have gained 38 pounds! I wasn't reading back when you were pregnant with Bella but I definitely think that you have had a better pregnancy this time than with Oliver. Only a few short weeks!

  5. Ha! Oddly enough, this past week I had two separate friends text me to say that they had a dream that Dan and I were expecting our 4th - I laughed the first time, but started to get freaked out the second time, lol! I still like the idea of a house full of kids, but I just can not imagine going through another pregnancy. And to be honest, as much as I love newborns, I'm kinda starting to feel "over" the baby stage. I'm trying to warm the hubby up to the idea of possibly adopting someday, but he isn't terribly enthusiastic about the idea of that (my sister is adopted, so not such a foreign concept for me). Anyway, no 4th on the immediate horizon around these parts ;)