Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

Due Date: March 27, 2014. 5-7 weeks to go. This week it occurred to me that I need to keep an open mind about the possibility of going early, too!

Weight Gain: 37 lbs. Down a pound, but this puts me at 6 lbs for the past three weeks so that actually makes more sense than two weeks of big jumps. Body image remains quite good and I am fascinated by my big belly. Knowing this is the last time makes the appreciation that much easier.

Symptoms: I'm definitely and absolutely feeling the third trimester. I still prefer it one million times over the pukes, but it's a little rough. Some notable symptoms:
  • My belly has turned cubic in shape and it's generally quite hard between baby & Braxton Hicks which makes bending and sleeping quite tricky.
  • Sleep in general: LOLZ. 
  • I am much more clumsy and prone to dropping things...and once they are dropped I have to think really hard about whether it's worth picking it up at that moment or letting it sit on the ground until it drives me crazy.
  • I'm a breathy breathy lady given the baby taking up lung space. I dream of adequate O2.
  • So I bragged about not peeing much in the night last week. ROOKIE MISTAKE! Peeing lots and lots all day and night. And I forgot about the weird stage you get to where you pee and then lean forward and it's like a brand new bladder has appeared. TMI FTW.
  • My long torso problems get extra problematic at the end of pregnancy. If maternity tanks aren't long enough for me while I'm not pregnant, you can imagine there are few garments in this world that fit me in the late third trimester. But happily I have about two long sweatshirt dresses (shirts for me) and two very long GAP shirts (the website reviews were full of people complaining these shirts were freakishly long - i.e. dreamy wonder shirts pour moi) and that is what I wear pretty much always.
What's different this time: I do feel like I'm maybe carrying a bit differently this time and have had a few comments to that affect. A little more belly, a little less in the bum/thigh region. However, pregnant face is in full force.

I'm thankful for: The mini-break in brutal weather for a couple days. (It's over now. Let's not talk about it.) Having a big bathtub for the first time during a pregnancy is also quite lovely.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm craving a lot of sugar which I think is directly related to very poor quality of sleep.

Sleep: Light, restless, unsatisfying and prone to insomnia. The kind of sleep that makes newborn baby sleep seem pretty quality.

I miss: Just the ease of day-to-day life in a non-pregnant body. I'm not feeling that "done"/"over it" feeling yet, but all daily tasks are certainly more challenging right now.

I am looking forward to: Same as previous weeks - being on the other side of the birth process and getting going on the next chapter of life.

Best moment this week: Not really a moment but I find I'm really enjoying the kids and family time right now. I'm feeling aware that these are the last weeks and days of being a family of four and that my attention will be split more in the future. Raj offered to take the kids somewhere fun this weekend to give me a chance to rest, but I balked at that idea (NOT my norm) because I want to have a few last fun adventures before we become a family of five. 

I'm stressing about: The coordination of childcare/getting to the hospital on time continues to plague my brain, which is frustrating. The continued really bad weather with blizzards and terrible roads also makes me concerned about additional weather-challenges that might make it take longer to get to the hospital. End of March is likely to still be very much winter around here. Trying to counter this (non-productive thinking, i.e. anxiety) with several things like my fear-clearing Hynobabies track, reminding self that it will all work out and just taking deep breaths.

Milestones: 35/35 (35 weeks pregnant, 35 days to go)!

Movement: Yes. I confirmed baby's positioning with the midwife this week - head down but not in the ideal position of bum on my left and feet on my right. Will do some Spinning Babies stuff to try to move baby.

It's a...: Surprise.
Exercise: Whatevs.

Diet: Need to watch the sugar intake, but I'm doing well with lots of regular cooking/home food prep.

Weekly Goal: Would looooove to cross more off my to-do list so I can feel even more settled. It's also time to start stockpiling some freezer meals. (Wrote this a few days ago and we made good strides with both!)

Belly Pic:

An unflattering pic of me, for sure, but oh my little Bubs is so cute.

 And then we did a photo sesh.


  1. You, your belly, and those kids are TOO cute. And I NEED to know about these freakishly long maternity tops---I'm already having issues with my tops at I have a loooong way to go. Long torso here, but mostly just tall and long everywhere, I guess.

  2. You look so pretty and happy in the second shot that I wouldn't call it unflattering at all!

  3. Love reading the updates.... so interesting to see what different pregnancy symptoms people have! Most of yours I don't remember, except the breathing - oh my gosh I couldn't even be in a loud room, because I didn't have enough breath to talk that loud! Read your other entries about the placenta (really good info!) and the veins (really horrifying info!) thank you for sharing =)

  4. Such cute pics!

    I'm only 17 weeks, but near the top of my concerns is coordinating child care for the hospital trip/stay. I'm hoping that with all my teacher friends off work in August, I will be okay, but part of me is convinced everyone I know will be on vacation when I go in labor (unlikely, I know, and months away, but sitting around inside all the time in this cold is making me crazy!).

  5. Thanks for the comments, all! :)

    Julia- Boo, looks like GAP is not selling these tops anymore. They weren't even mat - just regular shirts. I pinned one but the link is now dead but basically it was "Pure Body Modal Hoodie" I also got a crew neck long sleeve shirt that has a similar fit. I might scour ebay for some additional ones!

    Danielle Lyn - I wish I had a relative who loved watching the kids down the street at times like these! (And lots of other times as well... :)

  6. Every week I'm surprised by how far along you are. I lump you together with the summer babies that are coming but oh no. You are having a baby like...... real soon. Crazy.

  7. Hi! Found you through the Moms Make It Work Series via Julia. You and I are due around the same time (I'm 34 weeks tomorrow). Like you, I am worried about where the 2 older ones will go when I go into labor. Also my last labor was sooo fast, that I'm worried that I'll deliver in the car (I started feeling contractions at 11:30pm, got to the hospital at 2 am and had him at 3am). I don't have awful weather, but we do have awful traffic. Biggest nightmare is me delivering in the car during rush hour traffic. I was really worried last time too as to the child care hand off with my oldest when I was having my second, but it all worked out fine. I'm sure it will all work out for both of us, but I can't help but worry!

  8. Erin - Somehow I think of myself as due way later, too, since I originally thought it would likely be warmer by March. I think of myself as having a spring baby. Since I no longer have any hope for spring to happen until June, I'm going to be kinda blindsided when baby does decide to come :)

    Anne - Hi and welcome! I have actually been comforting myself with the thought that EMTs/ambulance people are equipped to deliver babies and worst case scenario we pull over, I have the baby in the van with the kids in the backseat (!!!!!!) and then the ambulance meets us along the way and takes over. But uh...HOPE THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN as OMG OMG OMG. :) Will be wishing a smooth trip to the hospital and easy childcare arrangements for both of us!