Friday, August 8, 2014

In Which I Grump About Our Summer Plague

We were really so healthy over the past 'school' year, especially when I compare it to the previous two years. Nary one doctor visit was needed! Zero puke bugs! We had finally shaken the endless battle of sickness that had plagued us for months the previous two winters (which in MN is about 6-7 months).

Then came this summer and now I'm feeling very paranoid about this upcoming winter. Shortly after we finally got over that awful, awful Norwalk stomach bug in early July, we were hit with some sort of super bug that was a bad viral cold/pinkeye combo that has led to ear infections and sinus infections. And what's really REALLY maddening is that the viral pinkeye morphed into bacterial pink eye so it's been essentially back-to-back pink eye problems. The good news is that while you just have to wait out the viral pinkeye (which takes 7-10 days), bacterial pinkeye can be knocked out quickly with antibiotic eye drops. The bad news is that the kids and I staggered when we initially showed signs of the viral pinkeye so we have been essentially under quarantine for over two weeks now.

No babysitter. No gym daycare. No parks. No playdates. Just me and some really crabby kids.

And honestly we haven't really been up for much since we have had sore throats and ear pain and are congested and coughing and achy and feel lousy, but AAAAAAARGH.

Yesterday was our first day emerging back into the world.

And then in the night I developed bacterial pink eye.

It's my birthday today.

I can cry if I want to.

I know that this too shall pass - and hopefully quite quickly since I can medicate it with eye drops (we will be put the entire family on eye drops at this point but maybe just breastmilk-in-the-eye for Lily) - but I'm frustrated and so in need of a break from my grumpy, grumpy children and my non-sleeping baby (she can't breathe or eat very easily with her cold so that has meant more time awake together in the night).  I need rest and sleep so I can get over this virus. But looks like that rest is still a few days away for me.

These problems I have are of a very good and privileged nature but they are still feeling really frustrating. Today was going to be the first babysitter day in so long and now that is replaced with me hauling 3 kids to the minute clinic on my own. Tomorrow's date night is off. And while I prefer a pinkeye birthday to last year's birthday spent on the floor of the bathroom with acute morning sickness (or the birthday three years ago where I had thrush flare up again and had to go to the midwife and pediatrician on the same day or the birthday 7 years ago that included my grandfather's funeral...I could go on but I will stop. I seem to have not-so-good birthday luck.) I was really hoping that today would be a day when I felt back to better health. My sore throat is finally improving after 6 days of pain and my sinus problems seem better (I don't do antibiotics because of thrush so I have been toughing it out) but MAN OH MAN.

Upsides: This plague is taking place now and not during the year when Bella would miss school. I am grateful I am not in the far more challenging position of trying to juggle time off work or daycare rules - sickness for stay-at-home parents is much simpler. And the big one - Oliver potty trained since we have been stuck at home! Yay, Bubby!

Okay, I'm done grumping and hopefully this is the last of the pinkeye talk around here. There are still three weeks left of the summer to enjoy. I can celebrate my birthday another day and maybe have two cakes since we never got around to a re-do of my 2013 birthday. :)

Anyone else deal with persistent pinkeye in their house? You eventually beat it, right? (The answer is yes.)


  1. Um yes, major birthday re-do owed to you when you are healthy. Or like 4 birthday re-dos. Damn. Hope you're all on the mend very soon.

  2. Ick, that sounds awful! I hate when one person's sickness morphs into the whole family being sick - why can't just one person get the bug and that's it!! Oh, yes - because we are a family and share everything! Hope you do get a birthday re-do - I am a BIG birthday lover and you definitely need one!!!

  3. Use the breastmilk on everyone! So much better than the prescription. (Yes, I've put my own breastmilk in my eyes...)

  4. Erin & Jodi - Thanks for the commiseration. Grumpy Laura loves that :)

    Ariane - Oh yes, I'm a big fan of using breastmilk (I wrote BM intitially but then couldn't handle that so I typed it out- ha) for eyes and even ears (like for ear infections). We were all using my milk initially (Raj too!) but then it didn't seem to be quite enough and it was also making my blepharitis (additional chronic eye issue) worse so I figured I needed big guns here. In the meantime I'll do Lily's eyes 4 x/day with breastmilk. It has been enough in the past but this seemed like a particularly hearty strain of pinkeye.

  5. Gaaaahhhhhhh. I feel your pain. We're on day 3 of a Mystery Baby other symptoms besides crankiness and I have forgotten what to do with a cranky baby. Blech. I always find these last few weeks of summer vacation a bit hard too; while I am determined to make the most and enjoy it, half my brain is on fall and school and what comes next. I so hope you guys can kick this thing, I'd love to have a play date in the next couple of weeks. L has gotten so big since last time!!

  6. Ugh…I can't even wrap my head around 2 weeks of consecutive illness/quarantined life for the whole crew. I bow down to you for keeping your sanity. You deserve many, many, many cakes! Happy birthday :)

  7. Oh no! You totally deserve to grump about this, and I don't think you even need to qualify it by saying that your problems of a privileged nature. Sounds like a very rough stretch to be handling mostly alone. My birthday this year was at 8 days postpartum and I was grumpy to my husband about how it kind of sucked this year but in comparison to your entire household of sick I was basically just whining :)

  8. Seriously awful! And on your birthday, none the less? Re-do for sure. And feel better, guys!

  9. I think you need to start celebrating your half birthday instead or some just a random day of the year to be you day as it seems August is just not your time!

  10. Jaida - Poor fever baby! Hope it has passed for you. Kids are better over here, just me and a lingering cold which I'm hoping will improve considerably this week!

    Mama T - I have been thinking of you with your multiple bouts of strep this year while I battle whatever virus I have. Ah, glamorous mom life :)

    Emily - Thank you for grumping permission. And a bday at 8 days PP is no bday!! Birthdays should not include enormous maxi pads, you know?? Ha.

    Julia - Thanks lady!

    Bailie - Maybe I will pick a random day since my half birthday is too cold here in MN (Feb 8). Good idea :)

  11. Happy belated birthday! I hope that your pinkeye is gone by now- it certainly sounds like you deserve two cakes!!