Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letters to Lily: 4 Months

(Lily was 4 months on 7/29/14.)

Dear Lily,

You are now 4 months old.

Oh, my little biscuit baby. You are simply the sweetest.

With your big, bright eyes and your halo of curly hair and easy smile, it's hard not to coo at you all day.

Some of this month's highlights
  • You are now almost 16 lbs based on our home scale. We will get official stats at your doctor's appointment next week. You have the leg and arm rolls to match your weight and you are just deliciously chubby. This means you are now at get-stuck-in-the-Bumbo stage, which is just like your older siblings. You are also definitely longer as evidenced by your 3 month onesies and pjs getting a little stretched when I snap them.
  • You have been fussier and a bit more demanding and we wonder if you are working on those first teeth, although maybe it's illness related since you have been a little sick this month. But this fussy/demanding behavior is quite mild overall and I still consider you an easy baby.
  • This month had you spitting up a lot, but you generally seem unbothered by it. Others are not so lucky...
  • You remain a solid sleeper and I cannot be more grateful. Towards the end of the month we transitioned you into the crib instead of bed sharing with me because your new-ish ability to wiggle over to me and snuggle in the night was making me too nervous. You have done well in your crib and wake once, maybe twice most nights, though you do have occasional nights when you want to eat more. Naps are not yet routine and you prefer to nap in the swing, in the carrier, or next to me in bed. As of your 4 month-day we had our first successful crib nap at 45 minutes. I should also note that this month you made sure to be awake from 7-9 PM pretty much every single night, thus guaranteeing some one-on-one time with your Mama and daddy.
  • You are a big fan of me, your mama, and I will readily admit I kind of love it. You keep a close eye on me whenever you are held by someone else and you can easily be soothed by being returned to me, especially if I get you snug and wrapped up in the Moby wrap.
    For example, this is you watching me instead of your sister's performance at Frozen camp.
    One less desirable side effect of this trait is that you prefer your milk straight from the source. We have been trying lots of things to get you to take bottles and our biggest successes has you taking in around 2 ounces. Hopefully this improves soon, but in the meantime I stick very close on date nights or while running errands without you.
  • You are starting to babble and coo and vocalize in a way that reminds me so much of your sister. It will be interesting to see if this leads to you being as chatty as she is.
  • You met lots of relatives for the first time this month (Papa, Auntie Valerie, Uncle Alex, Cousins Vivian and Nick) 
and went to some new and exciting places like the beach and a lake cabin.
    And a few more pictures, just because you are so darn adorable.

    Notice your hands in your sister's hair. She doesn't mind cause she loves you so.

    I'm so very glad you are in our lives. Love you forever.



    1. Ohhhhhh, she is just the cutest little girl, and her pictures make me ache to lay eyes on my own little girl!!!! I think about that sweet video you made of telling Raj you were pregnant - and that was her!! It's so amazing. :)

    2. LOL the picture of Raj with the spit-up- PRICELESS!

      Lily continues to be super adorable. I love the pictures of her with your older kids!