Monday, August 18, 2014

Pinkeye SOS

No real point to this post other than to beg for someone in the 'been there, done that' camp to tell me that they did eventually rid their family of pink eye. I'm taking the whole team back to the doctor today because it's baaaaaa-aaaaack and breastmilk-in-the-eye isn't hacking it (and we were all on a full course of antibiotics that finished last week). I am changing pillowcases daily, insisting on tons of handwashing and only using paper towels for drying hands, and now I have added in nightly door handle/lightswitch/etc wipe-downs. I'm pretty sure we were hit with viral pinkeye first because we simultaneously got bad colds and then it became viral + bacterial pinkeye and then the viral was still hanging around so we got bacterial again. It's been three weeks of this. I did see online that viral pinkeye can last for a month. A MONTH.

I don't got time for this. SERIOUSLY WTF MAKE IT GO AWAY! I'm starting to get paranoid that this will affect the start of school for Bella.

But at least it's not thrush?

Anyway! Someone out there tell me it will all be okay. (Reality check: I know this is but a blip on the radar and quite lovely as far as problems go, I'm just feeling cray-cray from how insidious it has been.)

Hopefully real blogging will resume once my family can put this endless pinkeye/cold behind us. (Just kidding. Real blogging will resume in two years.)

And for funsies, the cutest picture I took of Lily lately:
She's a cute little biscuit, goopy pink eyes or not.


  1. I would be freaking out too. A month is a long time. Get better, especially before the start of Kindergarten!

  2. I can't believe you're still fighting pink eye! The girls have had it twice, and the week or so I had to deal with it each time was more than enough. Trying to get those drops in little eyes.... ahhh! I hope you all get over it now!

  3. I think my earlier comment got lost....My family had viral pink eye combined with some other upper respiratory virus and it did go on quite a long time. It became clear that it was viral when the antibiotic drops didn't work (they cost a fortune too!!!). For a few of us we cleared it within a few days but others (my poor husband) had it last for a couple weeks! The real bummer is that there is not much to do for the viral variety other than wait it out. I am not sure about the contagious factor after the initial virus is gone so maybe it won't affect Bella's school start....hope you all get well soon!

  4. Yes, at least it isn't thrush, ha! But seriously, why do bugs like to linger with you guys for soooo long?!?!! So annoying. And smack in the middle of summer, which I feel makes it so much worse. So sorry lady :(
    I don't have any experience with pink eye specifically, but this past winter (and spring and summer) when we were having trouble kicking strep throat, I found that putting the whole family on probiotics to help replenish the good fighting bacterias, helped to finally get rid of it (I think. I hope).
    Good luck and I hope EVERYONE is better soon!

  5. Gah, a MONTH?! No. Just no.

    I am sending you all of the Get Well ASAP vibes, girl! And Lily really is disgustingly cute---that hair!!!

  6. Anne - Thanks for helping me to feel less cuckoo :)

    Danielle - OMG those drops. The first ones we got were really very stingy so Oliver has been thoroughly traumatized and it has been miserable doing that four times a day. Poor kiddo.

    Amanda Jones - THANK YOU for sharing that! In our family it seemed to hit Bella nad Oliver the worst, Lily and my husband the least and I'm somewhere in the middle (hard to tell with me since I was already dealing with existing eye nonsense). I think this is just a wait-it-out scenario but good to hear it did pass for your family.

    Mama T- Good point on the priobiotics. I have been half doing that but need to step it up. The chewable ones i got for the kids are supposed to be on an empty stomach and I've been embarrassed to realize how not often that is lately - seems like it has been eating every 2 hours for them! No wonder they haven't been eating so great at dinner... Anyway, I'm happy you beat strep! And just to clarify - none of us have had it the whole time - we have just been oh so slowly passing it around so it feels like forever :)

    Julia - Thank yoU!